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You've seen senior high school football players ranked at the national scale for years. At Offense-Defense, we've leveraged our incredible reach in the youth football community to bring you the FIRST-EVER national youth football rankings. Take a look!

Offense-Defense Football Camps

Offense-Defense is the biggest and best full-contact youth & high school football camps company in the United States. We have been America's Favorite Summer Football Camp for the last 43 years - and every year we see hundreds of our past campers move on to play in college, semi-pro leagues, and the NFL. Read more ...

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26 hours of on-field football training

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Football Mini Camps

2014 Football Camp Locations

We're very excited to announce the 2014 Summer Camp Schedule! With day, extended, and sleepover options it's always easy to find an O-D Camp location that's right for you!

2014 Summer Camp Schedule

SC10 vs SC11 - O-D Bowl '14

Hold on to the edge of your seat and enjoy this tilt between Teams SC10 and SC11 from the 2014 Offense-Defense All-American Bowl!

News from the O-D Family

Kiper projects 2 O-D Bowlers in the 1st round of the Draft
O-D Bowler Geno Smith to compete with Michael Vick for Jets QB
Stylish O-D and NFL Pro Bowler Joe Haden on NFL Network
Talented O-D Bowler Cordy Glenn impacting Bills off-season plans

Tip of the Day

04/04/2014 - If I Only Had My Chance
One statement you'll hear hanging around a sports team is "If only I had the opportunity, I could show everyone how good I really am." Because of the large number of players on a football team, you might hear that sentiment expressed more often around a football team than any other. Read More...

03/28/2014 - Appreciate your Gifts and Show Respect
Most people with a winning attitude have an appreciation for they have to work with. They realize and understand that there are many people who do not possess the natural talent as themselves. Things they are able to manage with ease can sometimes be impossible for others, no matter how hard one might try. Read More...

3/19/2014 - More On Being a Winner
Another trait you can develop along with a winning attitude is keeping up a positive approach to everything you do. Beginning with football practice, try to look forward to it as much as a game. Be eager when you run out onto the field each and every day. Be the type of player that's first in line to start every drill - setting the tone for your team. Read More...

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