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Taking your game to the next level.

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Offense-Defense All-American Football Camps

Offense-Defense Sports runs the best, most popular football camps in the country and has been the industry-leader in the field for the past 50 years. Throughout the decades we've hosted Hall of Fame coaches and players and supplied every level of play - from Youth football leagues to High School powerhouses to big-time college football programs - with top-notch, highly-trained athletes who have won state and national championships. Simply put, Offense-Defense is the only instructional football camp that matters.

High School Football Camps Grades 9-12 Youth Football Camps Grades 1-8

Why you need Offense-Defense Football Camps

Offense-Defense Camps immediately increase the overall performance and competitiveness of any youth football player, team, or league. With a dynamic curriculum that adapts to each individual player's age and experience level, this improvement carries over as an athlete leaves the youth ranks and begins their high school football career. While offering training and improvement at this level, the instruction each player receives is augmented in such a way as to improve and prepare the high school athlete as they look to make an impact as a college football player.

O-D Football Camps Provide Guaranteed Improvement

Beyond the scope of guaranteed improvement and preparation, Offense-Defense Football Camps provide a vital platform to getting players noticed for their ability and accomplishments. All attendees at Offense-Defense Events this year were evaluated for possible inclusion in the 2016 Offense-Defense All-American Bowl with invitations sent to the best of the best. Will we see you during the 2017 Offense-Defense All-American Bowl? Sign up for a 2016 O-D Event and prove you have what it takes. We'll see you on the field!

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2016 Summer Football Camp Locations

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