Football Camp & Bowl Testimonials

We receive so many positive testimonials from parents each year telling us how much we've helped their player grow as a person and as an athlete that we can't fit them all on one page! Look below for a random selection of 15 testimonials. If you'd like to see more, just refresh the page!

Camp Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Tampa camp. Coach Mabry and the entire staff was outstanding! The camp and each session started promptly and the instruction and coaching from everyone was superlative. Coach Mabry was quite strict and his style was exactly what my 10 year old son and all of the campers needed. What was equally and perhaps more impressive was Coach Mabry's obvious and sincere care and love for the kids. He was very hard when the situation called for it and likewise compassionate when necessary. The same traits were displayed by each member of his staff. I was on the sideline every day and this approach was consistent from the opening to the closing whistle.

Thank-you for a great camp!"

Craig Delesie

"I was on your web site to check things out and wanted to thank you for the offer of sending my son with the group discount program. I think it is so awesome what your programs offers our youth. My son is an avid football fan he is 12 years old and has the NFL network on 24/7 not any cartoons. Thank you again and I hope you have a great season with the kids."

Candy L.

"My Son (Ahmad Black) attended O-D camp and was Best Defense Player there. Now he plays for the Florida Gators as a safety,his first year starting he was selected All-Sec Second Team , also will be playing for the National Championships in College . He won two National High School Championships with Lakeland Dreadnaughts in 2005 & 2006."

Thank for the training.
Bruce Black (Father)

"Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all of the O-D staff.

Anthony had a fantastic time at all 3 O-D camps that he attended. Just as we were told, once he stepped foot back on his high school football field is when he - and his coaches - noticed the difference that O-D camps made in Anthony as an athlete. This week is their 2 a day practices. He is at football practice from 7AM - 6PM with a couple hours for lunch and a break in the middle of the day. In the past, Anthony thought that the "2 a day" week was really a tough week. After O-D camps, he is amazed at how well prepared and conditioned his is this year compared to years past.

There are a couple of other big changes that are directly related to O-D camps. Last Friday, the day after we got home from Elite camp, was a training day for our high school team. Anthony ran his 40 in 4.81. He also ran the 800 in 2.49. For a 225 lb lineman, the coaches were pretty happy. They also noticed that his fundamentals had improved greatly.

Anthony has been a starting offensive lineman the last 2 years. His hope was to play more defense. At the O-D camps, all the coaches were telling him he should be a defensive end or tackle. They all seemed to have conversations with him about his potential as a running back. Apparently his high school coaches noticed the same things after his training with O-D. Without Anthony saying a word, they moved him to tackle. Even more amazing, Anthony practiced at running back today.

I can't express to you and the rest of the staff how much we appreciate all that you do. Without the camp experiences, training, and coaching, Anthony would not have had the same opportunities. His coaches also commented today on how fast he was learning anything and everything new they were teaching him. He told them it was because of the O-D camps, "You just learn to pick it up fast at O-D".

We'll be sending along film soon. Our first game is going to be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Should be a great day for game footage."

-H. H. mother of Anthony H.
Northview High School

"I'm M. B. Brooks and I have been to 5 of your camps over the last 2 years. We have really enjoyed them and plan to attend this coming summer. I will be bringing my youngest son (age 7) with us this year to the Atlanta camp.

I coached my youngest son's Jr. Pee Wee team this year and plan to discuss with the parents O-D. Can you send me some flyers/information that I can use/passout at our team's banquet?

I look forward to seeing you guys again next year."


"Thank you for the e-mail. My son and I attended the camp in Miami at FIU. He enjoyed every minute of it. His interactions with the coaches was all that he could ask for. Please give a special thanks to Coach Sherman. Erik is 12 but was moved up to the junior age group and still received a Player of the Week award. The personal encouragement from Coach Sherman really made a difference. He is looking forward to our season and talking about attending the camp next year."

G. R.

"I just wanted to thank all of the coaches and staff for putting on a fantastic camp in Chicago (North Central College - Naperville, IL) on June 22-26. My son, Erik, learned so much. The coaches were excellent, well organized, prepared, and informative. Our son who is only 10 was never bored and there was no down time or time fillers: a.k.a. Sharks and Minnows. The coaches spent a lot of time instructing my son on the fine art of football. Everything from his stance, arm positions, blocking techniques, and footwork. Living in the Chicagoland area we are able to pick from three major football camps (Chicago Bears Camp, US Sports Camp - Contact Football, and O-D Camp.) We tried the other two camps first because I was not aware of O-D Camp. Your camp blows the other two out the door. In the future I will always enroll Erik in O-D Camp. By far the best Football camp in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again for putting on such an excellent camp."

Diana S.

"We would like to first thank you for giving our son Elijah the opportunity to play in the Youth O-D BOWL. At this years Atlanta camp Elijah trained with the Senior campers because he was entering the 9th grade and wanted to get challenged and prepared for JV try outs. I'm not sure how that affect his status or the age requirement for the youth bowl. We also want to give thanks to OFFENSE DEFENSE for several years of great football training for our son. Elijah has accomplished great things with the help of OFFENSE DEFENSE.

Elijah is 13 and will be 14 years of age in November. This school year he entered the 9th grade. We expected Elijah to go out for the JV football team and due to all his hard work and training from O-D he ended up making the Varsity team as a 9th grader. Elijah is now playing RB AND DB. He is getting a significant amount of playing time on both sides of the ball and special teams. The first game of the season he scored his first Varsity touch down!!! Elijah received his first start last Friday night at the defensive back position and did very well. Again we just want to thank O-D for years of great training..."

Melvin and Natasha

"He is absolutely loving it. He has learned a lot. He really enjoyed meeting the NFL pro's and all the coaches for the week. He was thrilled to see Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens (that's his and dad's fav team). It has been a great experience for him and his football goals. He wants to come back next year as an overnight camper and I have been really impressed with the program. I'm sure TJ will become a regular at the Raleigh, NC camp if you continue to bring it to us!! Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.

Way to go everyone!"

Raleigh Mom

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts related to my son, Danny. He had a great time attending the Atlanta O-D camp in June. It was his first time at a football camp, and he learned a lot from the staff - the coaches were top notch. They introduced him to the proper techniques for each position, as well as providing him with feedback on the finer points to work on. He also enjoyed getting to know the other campers; it helped to have a couple of buddies to talk to while running those drills!

I want to thank you for all your help retrieving Danny's medical records from your files and faxing them to me so quickly. It really helped with getting him registered here for his fall youth league. You found the form so fast I had it in time for the first sign-ups. I called completely out of the blue, and this was no small task either, with so many forms to look through. I know you had to search several different ways in the computer system to find him, and I appreciate your taking the time to help me out. You went out of your way and it meant so much to our family.

The first week of fall practice is just finishing up and my son is doing well - his coaches have complemented him on his work, which makes him feel great. So I would recommend the O-D camp to anyone looking for a fun way to learn football. You have the best team of operators - from on the field to in the back office. The results are easy to see."

E. P.

"I would like to thank the entire coaching staff for a great job well done. This past summer my 13 year old son attended the Austin, TX. camp for the first time and had an outstanding week. He learned and conditioned his football skills and most of all made him a stronger leader for his new football team. He now plays starting quarterback and defensive linebacker for his new team and enjoys playing both position.

As a parent, I want to thank the organization for the scholarship that he received and will definitely see you guys next summer."

Ms. R.

"Hello! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much my two sons enjoyed O-D camp this year. This was my 13 yr old's 5th year at O-D, and was my 11 year old's 3rd year at O-D. All of the coaches did an amazing job as usual. Coach Kirksey ran a very organized camp. Coach Newton did a fabulous job with my 13 yr old as a lineman coach. My wife and I both have gone out and stayed at the camp everyday for the last 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of what we have seen.

Please pass to the coaches our appreciation for the time that each one of them has put in, not only for our children, but for all of the kids in attendance."

Thank You!

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the good instruction that my two sons received in the Atlanta camp. This is my oldest son's 5th year attending your camps and he has really developed into a solid football player as well as a good young man. He was awarded the defensive skills MVP for the 13 year olds and has been invited to the youth all American bowl in January. This is awesome for him! Your camp is great. We will always remember Offense-Defense is where it started."

W. Coneway

"I wanted to provide you some feedback relative to the experience my son had. The camp exceeded all of my expectations as they pertain to: the football content, the accommodations, and the experience. Simply stated, my son arrived the individual he was on Sunday, and returned a different person all in a positive way and not only as it pertains to his football. I am forever grateful and will sing the praise of your camp to all."

-Kevin R

"My son, Justice has been attending Offense-Defense Camp for the past four years. His transformation as a player is a model of what the Offense-Defense Family can do for a young football player.

Four years ago, he played his 1st season. He was an inexperienced player who lacked the self confidence, technique and football knowledge to match his athleticism and raw talent. However, his involvement with O-D, particularly the coaching of Pat Morrison, Justice has become a dominant force at the cornerback position, and has become arguably one of the best 13 year old corners you will find anywhere. He pitched a complete shut out last seaon, not allowing one completion.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to have our son under the tutelage of Coach Pat. He has been an instrumental part of Justice's development, as a player and young man. I would believe that he has placed a permanent imprint on my son and his positive influence will continue to extend into Justice's football career and life in general. Coach Pat has helped Justice develop an incredible football IQ, an advanced understanding, of the nuances of position, one rarely possessed by a 13 year old cornerback. As a result, Justice walks onto the field with an understanding of the game that dwarfs his peers; it allows him to literally dominate and take away a half of the field.

But not only has Coach Morrison, been instrumental in Justice's development, he has assisted me, as his father, in understanding the details of the various coverages and techniques, which better enable me to continue helping to develop my son throughout the year. I am better able to coach my son, because coach has been willing to freely share his knowledge.

In closing, thank you O-D for providing the system and the environment to enable my son to acquire the tools necessary for long term success.

Remember the name, Justice Witcher. He will be certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the future and another great player to come from the O-D family."

Hon. Jason D. Witcher, JMC