Football Camp & Bowl Testimonials

We receive so many positive testimonials from parents each year telling us how much we've helped their player grow as a person and as an athlete that we can't fit them all on one page! Look below for a random selection of 15 testimonials. If you'd like to see more, just refresh the page!

Camp Testimonials

"We wanted to personally (via email) thank you for the outstanding job that your staff at O-D camp is doing with the players. Our son is currently attending the Lawrenceville camp and is having the best time! Our son has attended the O-D camps for the past four years at both the Long Island and New Jersey locations. Each year the staff is consistently pleasant and welcoming to the parents. Each year he has received the best training and has improved in his skills and confidence level. Not only has he become a better player, his knowledge of the game has increased. The best part for our son is also the opportunity to meet players, coaches and professional athletes from across the country. The best part for my wife and I, especially my wife, is knowing that he is in good hands and safe at all times.

We often recommend O-D Football camp to all of my friends with kids involved in football. Keep up the good job!"

Maurice & Gerina L.

"Hunter's experience at the O-D Camp in Memphis was excellent. The individual attention to each player, the vast amount of knowledge and great teaching techniques from the camp and the position-specific coaches was nothing short of remarkable. We are very pleased with the camp, the experience itself, and the knowledge and techniques he has taken from the camp. Milow and his team of coaches did an excellent job. We would highly recommend the O-D camp to anyone. If this weren't Hunter's last season in high school, we would absolutely sign up again."

Darrell Boyd & Hunter Boyd

"I am writing this email to say thank you for the leadership and coaching that you provided at the Offense Defense Football Camp at Hampton University. This was Christopher's second year attending OD and as a parent I am very impressed with the program. I wanted to take the time to commend you for not only providing guidance and coaching on football field, you provided guidance to young boys on how to take what they learn and apply on the field to their everyday lives. It is about being focus, discipline, determination, team work, listening skills and at times leadership. During the Awards Ceremony, I was very impressed and touched by how the guest speakers and coaches stressed to the players to apply the same level of energy that they provide in this sport into being a better person.

I can only speak about my child, but it only reinforces what I am teaching Christopher. It not about the wins or losses, nor the ability to go to Dallas to play at the All American Bowl, it is about not only focusing on football, but taking the principles of the game and applying them to your life that will ultimately make them a better player, a better son, a better student, a better friend and one day a better man.

So thank you and the coaches for taking time out of your summer to provide such an AWESOME camp. Christopher is looking forward to Camp 2013 and so are we. Many Blessing to you and yours"

Regina George

"I have just returned from Atlanta, Georgia, where Offense-Defense held their full contact youth football camp at Oglethorpe University. I had the pleasure of hearing camp co-owner Rick Whittier speak to the parents of campers, and it's safe to say that O-D runs a very good football camp. The camp boasts a 10:1 ratio of campers to coaches, and there are plenty of camp counselors that oversee the dorms for overnight campers. The athletes are pushed to work hard on the field, listen, and improve upon the skill level at their position. There is a strong emphasis on fundamentals and getting the little things right, making good players great. Coaches also provide a detailed evaluation of each camper provided at the end of the week.
Player safety is obviously very important at each camp, which are hosted in cities nationwide, and Mr. Whittier cited that his camps rarely have any problems.

The coaches are legitimate NFL, college, and high school coaches who really know their stuff, and the staff is definitely there to teach football and help build character in the young campers. I would recommend the camp to any parent."

Erik Johnson (CCN)

"I just wanted to thank all of the coaches and staff for putting on a fantastic camp in Chicago (North Central College - Naperville, IL) on June 22-26. My son, Erik, learned so much. The coaches were excellent, well organized, prepared, and informative. Our son who is only 10 was never bored and there was no down time or time fillers: a.k.a. Sharks and Minnows. The coaches spent a lot of time instructing my son on the fine art of football. Everything from his stance, arm positions, blocking techniques, and footwork. Living in the Chicagoland area we are able to pick from three major football camps (Chicago Bears Camp, US Sports Camp - Contact Football, and O-D Camp.) We tried the other two camps first because I was not aware of O-D Camp. Your camp blows the other two out the door. In the future I will always enroll Erik in O-D Camp. By far the best Football camp in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again for putting on such an excellent camp."

Diana S.

"Thought you would like a follow up to the young man you send this email to every year. He is now a United States Marine, Lcpl Justin S. M. left yesterday to serve his country on the front lines of the War on Global Terrorism. He has often said that the training he received from football camp was the reason he could survive and excel at boot camp and during extensive training. One of his Drill Instructors once asked him why he was excelling when others were not, he told them boot camp was nothing compared to football camp and football training lol. Thank you for preparing my son for what would have been that much harder with out your training and your dedication to teaching him and other young men about disciple, structure and of course Honor, Courage and Commitment. Justin was in college on a football scholarship when he decided to join the Marines, so your program was successful on so many levels."

Semper Fi
Elizabeth K M,
Very Proud Mom of
Lcpl Justin S. M. USMC

"My son loved it, loved the contact, and enjoyed his playing time. We hope to continue my son's development in his favorite sport. Thanks for O-D coming to Dallas."


"My son attended camp in Pittsburgh. I just wanted to say thank you to the person who ran it and the coaches. Thanks to you guy's he came back with a tiger in his tank.They moved him up to play with the older(12 yrs) kids and he loved it. He attended two camps this summer one O-D and another one. When i asked him which one he liked more, you guy's won hands down. We already signed up for Pitt again and he wants to go to another place also. Thanks for making it great for the kids. He wears his O-D camp shirt with pride. He wanted to say tell'em New Jersey will be back, that was his nick name."


"Just a note to say thank you for making us aware of the rule changes regarding campers that reside in states that have issues with full contact camps. We were one of those parents with concerns about our son's eligibility. We live in Ohio and were told that we shouldn't send our son to o-d this year now that he is a middle schooler. His football coach was afraid that if we did and it was reported, that he would become ineligible for the fall season.

Nick was thrilled with camp last year and was disappointed when he heard of this rule. Even before we received your e-mail we decided to go ahead with our plans reguardless, due to the quality of your camp and the great experience our son had during last years camp. When we got your e-mail that explained these changes and laid everything out, we were able to breath a little easier. Thanks again for the information and for the wonderful camps you offer kids who love this sport. We'll see you in June!"

Mrs. Lori D

"We would like to say a huge THANK YOU, our son Shawn "Bing" Bingley was at the Raleigh O-D camp July 15th-18th and is a changed person for the better.

This was his third year at the Raleigh camp and at 10 years old, the Sunday morning session was a bit of a challenge for him over previous years. Partially due to having just returning back from two weeks of vacation the night before, partially due to an injury he received during the session, and partially to do with the speed that this camp session moved. He didn't notify anyone of his injury (that wasn't life threatening) until after the session was over at which point he burst into tears and wanted to leave. A father counselor took him over to the trainer and got him sorted out. Now with this going on and being introduced to how this years camp was going to be run, separating the parents from the kids, the pace, and structure that was planned out, both my wife and son were in tears and I was ready to pack the whole thing in, take the loss and leave. Thankfully we didn't leave, and stuck it out. During the opening ceremony you mentioned that people may not like you or the way you run things in the beginning but by the end of the week they come around, we were skeptical. Add to that during the afternoon session my wife was standing at the end of the field along the sideline and you had asked her to move away, she couldn't have been more upset. By the time we left with Shawn Sunday night his mood had already changed, he loved the structure and how the stations and drills were set up and the movement between them, much better than years past. By Tuesday night we all couldn't wait to get back out there Wednesday. And were sad to see the camp end, it's by far the best camp we've have attended to this point.

Shawn has hung on to every speech that you gave, and especially the one on "character" he grew so much in those four days, not only on the football field, but as a young man. His attitude and outlook have taken a 180 degree turn since the camp ended, he is not only a joy to be around, but is more dedicated to the sport than ever before.

The coaching staff was great as well, they pushed the boys but kept them all upbeat with a positive attitude. The evaluation that was given was scored correctly, and although Shawn got an MVP award for the second year in a row he was down due to the fact of there being some C's on his evaluation. I'm glad there were both to keep him humble, and give him realistic areas to work on.

We can only hope that you are Head Coach for the Raleigh camp again next year if not we'll be traveling to whatever camp you are. Thanks again for not only the amazing job you did with our son, but all of the young men out on the field.


Alex & Michelle Bingley

"I was wondering have you ever considered using the success stories of your campers before they become pro athletes to help in advertisement showing that the camp can have season changing effect on a players young career. I'm asking because Darius Johnson and Diaz Easterling attended your Pensacola Camp this summer and they have lead thier team to a Disctirct Title and into the district championship game."

Coach Smith

"You should see your Indy location numbers jump significantly with this change.Our organization, Dad's Club, typically sends 8-10 kids each year. I believe that number will at least double. I have been getting a lot of inquiries already about available camps and I have been holding off Ďadvertising' until I got the final word from you on location. This is very good news, Sal. My sons will likely be attending the Indy camp AND one of the surrounding locations (Cincy, Chi, Nashville, St. Louis) depending on the dates.I appreciate your quick response."


"I just wanted to chime in on my experience here at Offense/Defense camp held at Towson University located in Baltimore. This was my sons second year, and my first year as a counselor. I was so pleased with all the instruction and the atmosphere that my son experienced last year, that I decided to become a part of the camp myself. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, especially Mr. Millow Weems who has taken time out of his busy schedule throughout the year to remain in contact with me by returning phone calls and emails. I particularly appreciate the way Mr. Weems communicates with the kids and the parents. I'd also like to add that as a father counselor for the first time, Mr. Weems was a wonderful person to work for, made me feel apart of the O-D camp, and was very respectful.

My son has been quarterbacking for seven years, but the coaches were able to assess his skills at O-D camp and identify the areas he needed support with, such as: follow through on his passing and his mechanics. O-D camp provided my son with specific skills to improve his performance beyond that which he has received at many youth program he has attended in the past. This camp is a worth while investment for any family who want to seriously put there child in a position to receive leadership skills, confidence, and gain improved performance."

- J Williams

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that our son Matthew had another phenomenal experience at the St. John's football camp. This is his third year at the camp! Not much more can be said about the total professional and compassionate way Coach Fine and Coach Rodriguez ran the camp. Matthew received phenomenal instruction from all the OL/DL coaches, including Coach Riese and Coach Toomer. The attention and guidance Matthew received from his Extended Day counselor, Emile, did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated (Thanks again, Emile!). Great Camp, Great Coaches and Great Football!!! In fact, we think so much of O-D that Matt will be attending the New England and Long Island Camps later this month."

Warm regards,
Michele and Carl

"Hello! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much my two sons enjoyed O-D camp this year. This was my 13 yr old's 5th year at O-D, and was my 11 year old's 3rd year at O-D. All of the coaches did an amazing job as usual. Coach Kirksey ran a very organized camp. Coach Newton did a fabulous job with my 13 yr old as a lineman coach. My wife and I both have gone out and stayed at the camp everyday for the last 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of what we have seen.

Please pass to the coaches our appreciation for the time that each one of them has put in, not only for our children, but for all of the kids in attendance."

Thank You!