Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"Thanks for the best camp experience that my son could have imagined. O-D camp coaches and Director in Houston were awesome. They made EVERY CHILD feel like that were special. They encouraged both the physically able and the not so physically able. Every child should have walked away feeling like a winner.

Thanks a million, look forward to next year!"

"My Son, Layne has attended your camps (Indianapolis & Pensacola) for the past two years and is the starting QB for the All-Star team, and I have been asked by countless number of parents how did he get that good, and my response is always "O-D and hard work"!"

"I want to thank you all for putting together a Great experience for my son as well as the other children attending the Raleigh Camp. I'm sure things were not as smooth as they seemed, but the staff performed in a professional manner. My son Jalen had a wonderful time as did I, even in the scorching heat.

Training staff was excellent. Trisha was on the ball in an effort to keep the boys pieced together and safe in their activities. Coach Mabry ran a tight ship with very informative meetings and keeping the boys and Coaches on task. My son said he barely noticed I was there, which means the Coaching Staff and Father counselors were very effective in their efforts to teach our boys the game of football.

While I was impressed with the level of football IQ of all the Coaches, I really appreciate Coach Mason, Coach TC, and the other Coaches in that age bracket for how they were able to keep the boys engaged in the activities they were doing. Coach Mason gave Jalen reviews on the things he did well and the things he needs to improve on. As a Pop Warner MM Coach, I was able to gain a few tips to help me this coming season. Jalen and I look forward to many more years of O-D camps as well as the opportunity to play in the All-American game this year.

Milo Weems was very informative in his organizing this staff and how he interacted with parents. From getting out information about upcoming O-D events to how smoothly registration went. I was impressed with his approachabilty and his promptness with information requests. I look forward to working with next years Coaching staff and Milo as we all contribute to the progress of the boys in their quest to be Great Football Players.

Thank You,"

"I am writing for FAMFA (Franklin Area Midget Football Association). My son attended your camp last year and will be attending again - but since he enjoyed it so much he has told many other kids in the organization. We were wondering if there was any sort of group rate available for Midget Football organizations? We would be interested in the Pittsburgh camp."

"I just want you to know what a GREAT impact you have made on my son. Everyone from checking in, to going to the O-D store to meeting Coach Fonago was such a pleasant experience. I only get one chance at raising my son right and I plan on using every tool I can. O-D camp is one awesome tool and I would highly recommend this camp to anyone. I do know it is expensive but the things presented and taught at your camp are priceless. You all are such an awesome team and I really look forward to sending L. again next year to O-D camp. Thanks for taking the time to make such a great impact on my son. And if along the way you can take a moment and give L. another encouraging word, I know I would appreciate it and I think he would too."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for the youth all american bowl. My son Zach had the best experience ever and has committed to work even harder so he can hopefully qualify again next year. Often satisfied parents don't say anything while difficult parents tend to be more vocal- please realize how much we appreciated all of your efforts.

Again this was an awesome opportunity and I am grateful to the entire O-D family and proud my son is a part of it."

"I am writing this email to say thank you for the leadership and coaching that you provided at the Offense Defense Football Camp at Hampton University. This was Christopher's second year attending OD and as a parent I am very impressed with the program. I wanted to take the time to commend you for not only providing guidance and coaching on football field, you provided guidance to young boys on how to take what they learn and apply on the field to their everyday lives. It is about being focus, discipline, determination, team work, listening skills and at times leadership. During the Awards Ceremony, I was very impressed and touched by how the guest speakers and coaches stressed to the players to apply the same level of energy that they provide in this sport into being a better person.

I can only speak about my child, but it only reinforces what I am teaching Christopher. It not about the wins or losses, nor the ability to go to Dallas to play at the All American Bowl, it is about not only focusing on football, but taking the principles of the game and applying them to your life that will ultimately make them a better player, a better son, a better student, a better friend and one day a better man.

So thank you and the coaches for taking time out of your summer to provide such an AWESOME camp. Christopher is looking forward to Camp 2013 and so are we. Many Blessing to you and yours"

"Just wanted to send a note to let you know that the New York Camp was very good this year. Milow Weems did an outstanding job with the administrative side of the camp and Coach Culpepper ran an excellent football camp. Our son Matthew received excellent OL training from Coach Manley and enjoyed his experience very much. It was also very nice to see Coach Toomer and Coach Johnson at camp too. We did miss not having Coach Sonny Cosby at the New York Camp and hope to see him again soon.

Please keep up the good work."

"Hello! Just an "FYI": I sent 2 of my son's to OD Camp in San Francisco, back in 1998 or 1999 (Can't remember which). Just to let you know, that my younger of the 2 son's is attending The Ohio State University on a full-ride football scholarship! He is a Freshman and actually saw playing time last Saturday against USC.

Thank you so much! Ken Norton Jr. was really good with my kids at that camp."

"I had sent my son Nik to this camp at Radnor College camp outside of Philadelphia. He was 12 years old just turned 13 on the 4th of July and all I can say is what a difference in his personal attitude it made. He has changed for the better and he learned a lot! Aside from the home sickness this was a fantastic camp for him, the only wish is that the enrollment was larger so he could have had more of a chance to practice with more kids his age and size. He learned a lot from the older kids and said how helpful and patient that they were and that the coaches were very good.

I look forward to sending him again next year either to that camp or one in Hamilton NJ. Thanks for the chance to let me email you and let you know how impressed I was with the caliber of the coaches and the way they dealt with the kids! This was the very first time I have ever seen my son truly worn out physically and he enjoyed every minute of it! You guys run a class camp and I look forward to sending my son next year!"

"When I was in 6th grade a friend and I went to the Offense-Defense football camp at the University of Fairfield in Connecticut. There were a bunch of pros there serving as counselors - Dave Casper, the TE from the Raiders, an Eagles LB named Jerry Robinson, Mike Haynes, the great defensive back, Ron Yary, the big lineman from Minnesota, and Franco Harris.

It was great practicing with these guys as our "coaches." The moment I remember most, though, was an interaction I had with Tom Moore. It was after dinner one night and a bunch of us were just goofing around in the parking lot playing some 7-on-7 touch. Tom Moore - I didn't have any idea who he was at the time - came walking out of the cafeteria and passed us. He watched for a minute, and then when we huddled up he ducked his head in and said to the kid who was playing QB for us, "Throw a post route. They're playing you without a safety." Sure enough, when we broke the huddle there was no safety in the middle of the field and our QB hit one of our guys in stride for a touchdown.

I don't remember thanking Moore or speaking with him afterwards, but at meetings that night my friend pointed him out to Jerry Robinson and asked who he was. Robinson said, "That's the wide receivers coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He just won two Super Bowls, man." So I guess whether it's a parking lot or the NFL Tom Moore knows how to light up a defense."

"I'm M. B. Brooks and I have been to 5 of your camps over the last 2 years. We have really enjoyed them and plan to attend this coming summer. I will be bringing my youngest son (age 7) with us this year to the Atlanta camp.

I coached my youngest son's Jr. Pee Wee team this year and plan to discuss with the parents O-D. Can you send me some flyers/information that I can use/passout at our team's banquet?

I look forward to seeing you guys again next year."

"My 9 year old son, Parker, attended the OD Camp in Chicago, IL. He had a wonderful time and the coaches were TOP NOTCH!! We were thrilled with his experience and can't wait for next year!

Football Season just got underway for Parker here in South Elgin, IL. This is Parker's 4th season playing and the second season with the same coach. The coach came to my husband and I last night and told us he was blown away by Parker. He said he sees so much more confidence in him since last season, his technique was awesome, his burst speed improved and his tackling is STELLAR....there was not a kid that got past him last night and he put a hurt on kids that had a good 20 pounds on him! The only difference from last year is that he attended your camp! My husband and I both agree that your camp gave him much improved technique and confidence. We not only will be back (we will be seeing y'all for the bowl game at New Years) next year, but we are going to recommend you to all our FOOTBALL FRIENDS!!!

Please thank the coaches and staff for us! See y'all at the O-D bowl!"

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you thanks again for your efforts with these young men. The story that you tell and the emphasis you put on academics is a welcome message in an athletic environment. Hunter loves to play football and is a good student, but I think your message was well received that he needs to work as hard in the classroom as he does on the field."

"This was my sons first year of OD Camp. It is quite expensive especially for a single mother, but we managed it and it was worth it. He was an overnight camper as we live on an island in the Pacific Northwest and travel to and from camp each day is not an option. It was a great camp, my son really enjoyed it. The accomodations were great, the meal options worked out wonderfully and parking and access were fantastic. I've already signed him up again for camp next year. Please have the camp at PLU again next year. It was fantastic."

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for letting me be a part of the OD camp this weekend. It was great to be around like minded men coaching with the best interest being the young athlete at hand. Also, I commend you for taking a stand for Christ and I am honored to stand with you. What I did not realize on Sunday morning, until you informed us, was that the chapel was the first in OD Sports history. God will bless you for taking a stand!

Also, I am honored to be a part of OD Prep. There is a great need to aid and assist young players in getting to the next level, opening a door for them to get a college education."

"Back in the summer of 1987, as I prepared for my senior year of high school, I found myself at Fairleigh Dickenson University attending an O-D Football Camp. Little did I know, 26 years later, I would find myself at Kean University from July 7th to July 10, 2013 at another O-D Football Camp with Daniel, my 11 year old son.

Some of the best things I took from my experience at camp were the life lessons of teamwork, dedication, hard work and the importance of details. It was a pleasure to see these same lessons being stressed to Daniel and all the other campers on the very first day. It was clear all the coaches and staff from John Paredez (JP), Coach Reed (Head Coach), position coaches and all the counselors, were not only speaking to these lessons but they lived them and implemented them during the entire camp.

The coaching Daniel received this week was excellent; from the drills to the scrimmages to the Bowl Game. Daniel had such a great time attending the camp and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and teaching done by the entire staff. He is already asking what camp he can go to next year.

My son and I have a great bond through football. We have now expanded upon that bond through our wonderful experiences attending O-D Football Camps.

Thank you again for the excellent job done over the generations!"

"I wanted to thank the staff of OD for another wonderful football camp. Our son, Jonathan, was clearly prepared for Pop Warner from this camp. This was so much so that we influenced two other boys' parents to come this year.

The highlight for my son was Coach Williams. He is a wonderful coach and is so passionate about these boys developing their talent. What a blessing to have him!

We are planning on coming back next year to have Coach Williams teach our son better techniques and will influence as many parents in following suit.

Thank you for all you do and please give our special thanks to Coach Williams."

"I don't remember all the names but I will tell you that from the camp leader to all the coaches I interacted with I thought the camp was run very well and the intensity of the workouts was the best I've seen. The quality of the games at the end of the week was incredible for the short amount of time the kids and coaches had to prepare... GREAT JOB!!! We will be back in 2013..."

"Hello, I am not sure this is going to the correct email address but I wanted to give my comments concerning the camp. My son (Joseph Russum) attended the camp in Tampa and I can't tell you how great the camp was. I felt the coaches did an excellent job and coach Mabry did a great job of keeping the intensity level high. We are currently at the Elite camp in Atlanta and again he is getting excellent coaching and technique training from the offensive line coach here.

It is refreshing to see coaches spend the time needed to teach proper technique. I can honestly say he has learned more during the past few weeks at these two camps then he has in several years of playing Rec/county/Pop Warner football. I am letting everyone know what a great job O-D Football Camp is doing. GREAT JOB!!!!"

"Just to let you know, we sent the 10 kids from our North Port Mustangs Pop Warner organization ranging from Mitey Mite level to Midget Level, Our Mustang Organization in the Peace River Conference is 25-0 with only 64 points that have been allowed. I know everybody in the organization did not attend, but guess who the standout players are this year. Miles Hayes, Tommy Joyce, Thomas Joyce, Zach Fryar, Cade Koerick, Mark Urtz, Devon Allen, Timmy Joyce who had an injury at the first of the season but is getting in the mix now. The players who came to the camp!"

"Just a quick note to complement you on your selection of coaches. My son attended the Denver camp and was primarily coached by Nick Oppenneer for defensive backs and Binkey Benton for running backs. After the camp I researched both coaches and learned of their football careers. Both coaches a known for their work ethic which resulted in successful football careers. Just the kind of guys I want teaching my kid. Since attending Offense Defense Camps for the last three years, my son's football skill has improved greatly. Thanks again for selecting the high quality coaches you do."

"Hey Mr. Whittier, Aaron Wilmer here.....Just wanted to remind you that I signed with West Chester University on a partial scholarship to play football....Thanks to O-D helping me a lot...I appreciate everything I have learned and you guys helped me reach the next level...I will keep you updated on how my college season goes...Thanks again."

"I just wanted to pass along our families experience with Tampa OD Camp. Our son, Donovan, was a first time camper this year. He is 8 years old and we felt that OD camp based on friends recommendations was the place to go to help him develop and mature as a person and a player. I have to say that our experience was completely positive. Coach Mabry, JP and the entire staff were total professionals top to bottom. The depth of playing and coaching experience was second to none. I think people get to caught up in the whole NFL / Major College high profile coaches and players. This camp certainly had those high profile backgrounds but it also had a great mix of high school and small college coaches that had as much impact as any of the others.

So many of our kids will end up at Division 2 and 3 colleges as students and I believe having that element of coaching and personal experience is a critical piece of what makes OD camp so impactful. The OD staff is a great group from every corner of the country and every walk of life. Our son walked away from camp not only a better player but a better teammate. Intensity, attention to detail, understanding, empathy, really describe the entire camp staff and experience. We have told many of our friends that we would like to get a group of players from our youth football league to go together next year. It is worth every penny you will invest your son.

We really wanted to just say thank you to the entire group. I honestly have no criticisms it was an experience we will carry for a lifetime. I would like some information on being a father counselor next year. We want to take our experience to the next level and make a father / son getaway. I don't know what athletically my son will accomplish in his life but I know that structured camps focused on accountability, responsibility and discipline, like OD, will be applicable in everything he does as a human being. "

"To whom it may concern, as I stated on my phone call just now to you all, I just wanted to thank Milo and his Team for a great or awesome experience my boys have had at the Houston camp. The coaching and teaching of skills and life lessons was wonderful, the camp was tough but extremely rewarding.

I was impressed that Milo and all the coaches are approachable and extremely personable, I will definitely have my 2 boys in your camp next year."

"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that our son Matthew had another phenomenal experience at the St. John's football camp. This is his third year at the camp! Not much more can be said about the total professional and compassionate way Coach Fine and Coach Rodriguez ran the camp. Matthew received phenomenal instruction from all the OL/DL coaches, including Coach Riese and Coach Toomer. The attention and guidance Matthew received from his Extended Day counselor, Emile, did not go unnoticed and was greatly appreciated (Thanks again, Emile!). Great Camp, Great Coaches and Great Football!!! In fact, we think so much of O-D that Matt will be attending the New England and Long Island Camps later this month."

"Dear Offense-Defense,

I just want to let you know what a great experience my son and I had this year at the Bay Area O-D camp. This is the second year in a row my son and I have participated in this camp. I had so much fun last year, that I returned as a father counselor for this year.

Joe Blackwell, the O-D Coordinator, was a terrific coordinator and had the camp running smoothly. Joe was very personable and all of the father counselors enjoyed being around Joe. I truly believe that Joe's coaching background was a tremendous asset to how well the camp ran. Joe never hesitated to address and correct any issue. Joe's tireless work ethic and caring personality contributed to a successful event.

Coach RJ Lewis was a very inspirational and knowledgeable coach. The young men really enjoyed how Coach Lewis had his assistant coaches give inspirational speeches/talks with the boys at the end of the practices. I never heard one athlete complain about going to practice, doing drills, etc during this camp. The drills Coach Lewis ended every practice with was also very exciting for the boys and the spectators! Coach Lewis also had a very caring personality and could be seen on numerous occasions interacting and conversing with the athletes.

All of the assistant coaches were unbelievable as well. I was very happy to see Dr. Toomer return as a coach for the young group. Coach John (cannot remember his last name, but coaches for CMS) had unbelievable amounts of energy! I loved watching Coach John interact and instruct the "pups" and I know all of them loved having him as their coach too.

Joe Blackwell and Coach Lewis were amazing to work with and superb role models for all of the young men attending the camp. I am already looking forward to next year and hope to see Joe and Coach Lewis at the Bay Area O-D camp in 2014."

"Hi! My son Ryan just attended the Hofstra LI camp - he is trying out for Freshman Football - and NEVER played football in his life. Needless to say - we were all a bit nervous about camp!

From my first phone call and speaking with Karen and others, to working with John and the young gentlemen who fitted us with his rented equipment, to the those at the camp store to each and every one of his coaches - including of course, Coach Brian Mabry - the experience was amazing! Each coach really took the time to make a personalized evaluation, and worked to make him the best he could be. They knew he was a first timer - but did not baby him.

That not only gave him skills - but also a sense of pride in his accomplishments. And those who worked the sidelines were always there to give him a pat on the back or tell him job well done. Camp was BIG - but the care and attention given made is feel very personal. Thanks OD- for giving my guy a summer experience i know he will always be proud of!

Whether Ryan makes the team - or even goes on to JV - I know he came out a better young man because of his experience. :)

Warmest regards,"

"I put my son in this camp to give him a shot at playing as a 5th grader on a 5th and 6th grade football team. After the camp, he not only started on both sides of the ball, but he won MVP Offensive Lineman for his team!"

"We would like to first thank you for giving our son Elijah the opportunity to play in the Youth O-D BOWL. At this years Atlanta camp Elijah trained with the Senior campers because he was entering the 9th grade and wanted to get challenged and prepared for JV try outs. I'm not sure how that affect his status or the age requirement for the youth bowl. We also want to give thanks to OFFENSE DEFENSE for several years of great football training for our son. Elijah has accomplished great things with the help of OFFENSE DEFENSE.

Elijah is 13 and will be 14 years of age in November. This school year he entered the 9th grade. We expected Elijah to go out for the JV football team and due to all his hard work and training from O-D he ended up making the Varsity team as a 9th grader. Elijah is now playing RB AND DB. He is getting a significant amount of playing time on both sides of the ball and special teams. The first game of the season he scored his first Varsity touch down!!! Elijah received his first start last Friday night at the defensive back position and did very well. Again we just want to thank O-D for years of great training..."