Football Camp & Bowl Testimonials

We receive so many positive testimonials from parents each year telling us how much we've helped their player grow as a person and as an athlete that we can't fit them all on one page! Look below for a random selection of 15 testimonials. If you'd like to see more, just refresh the page!

Camp Testimonials

"My son and I where driving on campus and we saw the OD camp setting up my son wanted to let you guys know he says thanks.He was the campership award winner in the 1st Ft.lauderdale camp and last season he became the leading single season rusher in Broward (Florida) history surpassing the previous record holder. He will be attending FAU and was the only rb sighned on scholarship. If you go on Youtube he has many highlight videos of the record breaking season."


"Good Morning, I just wanted to send an email Thank You to O-D for a great camp at New England this year. The Gillette Stadium experience was amazing. Although the weather was a drag, staff from O-D made the best of it. I understand you guys don't control the weather or the Patriots staff from doing construction. Once again Thanks for a great experience for my son.

Lastly, I would like to send a warm Thank You to Milow, this man is one of the nicest and caring individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. This gentleman from Day 1 was there for the kids and keeping them going. He truly is a great mentor. My son still talks about him daily.

Thank You Milow."

Steven J. Martin

"I just can't thank you and your O-D staff and coaches enough for helping my son, Fabian, develop into a fine football player. His fundamentals on both sides of the ball are a noticeable step ahead of his competitors thanks to you folks.

Because of O-D football, Fabian absolutely dominated in his Junior Varsity high school season, not only on defense but also at the running back position of all things, to help his team 3peat, culminating in a 5 touchdown 348 yard performance in his Regional Championship and a 3 touchdown, 203 yard performance in the Central Bowl victory the following week."


"My son Dillon just attended O-D football camp in Boston. We just wanted to say thank you to all the coaches and staff, they were all wonderful. Dillon not only had fun but he learned so much. He can't wait to do it again.

Dillon also got invited to play in Myrtle Beach and we wanted to know when we will get info about that? So we can start to plan for it."

Again thank you so much!! -Rob D

"My son attended camp in Pittsburgh. I just wanted to say thank you to the person who ran it and the coaches. Thanks to you guy's he came back with a tiger in his tank.They moved him up to play with the older(12 yrs) kids and he loved it. He attended two camps this summer one O-D and another one. When i asked him which one he liked more, you guy's won hands down. We already signed up for Pitt again and he wants to go to another place also. Thanks for making it great for the kids. He wears his O-D camp shirt with pride. He wanted to say tell'em New Jersey will be back, that was his nick name."


"My 9 year old son, Parker, attended the OD Camp in Chicago, IL. He had a wonderful time and the coaches were TOP NOTCH!! We were thrilled with his experience and can't wait for next year!

Football Season just got underway for Parker here in South Elgin, IL. This is Parker's 4th season playing and the second season with the same coach. The coach came to my husband and I last night and told us he was blown away by Parker. He said he sees so much more confidence in him since last season, his technique was awesome, his burst speed improved and his tackling is STELLAR....there was not a kid that got past him last night and he put a hurt on kids that had a good 20 pounds on him! The only difference from last year is that he attended your camp! My husband and I both agree that your camp gave him much improved technique and confidence. We not only will be back (we will be seeing y'all for the bowl game at New Years) next year, but we are going to recommend you to all our FOOTBALL FRIENDS!!!

Please thank the coaches and staff for us! See y'all at the O-D bowl!"

Amy Tavares

"Just a quick note to complement you on your selection of coaches. My son attended the Denver camp and was primarily coached by Nick Oppenneer for defensive backs and Binkey Benton for running backs. After the camp I researched both coaches and learned of their football careers. Both coaches a known for their work ethic which resulted in successful football careers. Just the kind of guys I want teaching my kid. Since attending Offense Defense Camps for the last three years, my son's football skill has improved greatly. Thanks again for selecting the high quality coaches you do."

Rick N

"I was on your web site to check things out and wanted to thank you for the offer of sending my son with the group discount program. I think it is so awesome what your programs offers our youth. My son is an avid football fan he is 12 years old and has the NFL network on 24/7 not any cartoons. Thank you again and I hope you have a great season with the kids."

Candy L.

"Cody was Defensive MVP... He said he learned new things..

That is so important. For that we thank you and your coaches.

He made some new friends and had lot's of fun..

Well, thank you for everything...See you next year!"


"I just want you to know what a GREAT impact you have made on my son. Everyone from checking in, to going to the O-D store to meeting Coach Fonago was such a pleasant experience. I only get one chance at raising my son right and I plan on using every tool I can. O-D camp is one awesome tool and I would highly recommend this camp to anyone. I do know it is expensive but the things presented and taught at your camp are priceless. You all are such an awesome team and I really look forward to sending L. again next year to O-D camp. Thanks for taking the time to make such a great impact on my son. And if along the way you can take a moment and give L. another encouraging word, I know I would appreciate it and I think he would too."

Mom of L.

"I would like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent experience that our son, Ryan had at your Kansas City Camp. I would like to specifically mention Coach Bryant, and the Head Coach from Arkansas, I apologize as his name escapes me. This was Ryan's fourth year attending your camp and I have already enrolled him in camp for next year. When we first went to our O-D Camp, the head coach stood up and addressed the boys and the parents and said words to the effect "We will focus on making your sons better men, better team mates and finally better football players." After four years of camps, I am so pleased that you have stayed true to your core values. The head coach from Arkansas outlined these tenants in his opening speech, much like the one we heard four years ago. This philosophy was demonstrated repeatedly by Coach Bryant and staff. It was an absolute pleasure this year. I really also liked how the Head Coach talked to the boys, not so much about playing in the NFL, but by using football as a media in which to pay for college. As a parent, I do not hold out hope that my son will play in the NFL, but being pragmatic, I would like to see my boy play in college.

Thank you for an outstanding experience"

Rich Gimbert

"I just wanted to thank all of the coaches and staff for putting on a fantastic camp in Chicago (North Central College - Naperville, IL) on June 22-26. My son, Erik, learned so much. The coaches were excellent, well organized, prepared, and informative. Our son who is only 10 was never bored and there was no down time or time fillers: a.k.a. Sharks and Minnows. The coaches spent a lot of time instructing my son on the fine art of football. Everything from his stance, arm positions, blocking techniques, and footwork. Living in the Chicagoland area we are able to pick from three major football camps (Chicago Bears Camp, US Sports Camp - Contact Football, and O-D Camp.) We tried the other two camps first because I was not aware of O-D Camp. Your camp blows the other two out the door. In the future I will always enroll Erik in O-D Camp. By far the best Football camp in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again for putting on such an excellent camp."

Diana S.

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the good instruction that my two sons received in the Atlanta camp. This is my oldest son's 5th year attending your camps and he has really developed into a solid football player as well as a good young man. He was awarded the defensive skills MVP for the 13 year olds and has been invited to the youth all American bowl in January. This is awesome for him! Your camp is great. We will always remember Offense-Defense is where it started."

W. Coneway

"My son attended the OD Camp in Nashville this year, marking three years with OD. The staff and coaches were great as always. I'd like to commend Mark Skradski for his work and enthusiasm during this event. He was incredibly personable and had a refreshing sense of humor. He was also easy to identify with, as he himself is a consumer of your product. He spoke to me about volunteering next year as a father counselor, which I am amenable to, providing I get to work with him and the other wonderful staff on hand.

Thanks again for putting on this camp and vying for a facility as nice as TSU's."

David Smith

"YES MOST DEFINITELY!!! We are Part of Naples Hurricanes Pop Warner Football Assoc here in Naples. . . . I know that we are getting a large group together this year . . . I know that our President has already spoken to someone over there at OD. Looking forward to this year's camp.

You have the best run camp, my son loved it last year!!!"

C. L. B.