Offense-Defense Youth Football Camps (Grades 1-8)

O-D Youth Football Camps

Athletes at our events play the game the way it is meant to be played - full speed and full-contact. This accomplishes multiple goals at the same time. First and foremost, campers get a better instructional experience learning by doing. We work with our athletes during this process to make sure that as contact is introduced, they are well-equipped to not only deliver tackles and hits in a safe manner, but to receive them safely as well.

O-D Youth Football Camps

The proprietary Offense-Defense Ranking system is applied to all campers, regardless of age. A camper receives their ranking based on the evaluation of their coaches at their position and relative to their peers in their age group. This enables young athletes and parents the ability to quickly assess where they stand in regard to other players their age. The system recognizes excellence and encourages improvement - two important motivators that assist athletes in taking the next step in their development.

Experienced high school, collegiate, and top-level coaches perform all instruction and evaluation, sowing the seeds of exposure at this stage. Further, a good evaluation from the coaching staff may result in an invitation to play at Offense-Defense All-American Bowl Week, lifting athlete exposure and recognition to even greater heights.

Position-Specific Instruction