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Offense Defense Educational Foundation

Offense Defense Educational Foundation

Every year 6,000 young athletes want to attend an Offense-Defense Sports camp, but can't afford it. That's why Offense-Defense Educational Foundation was formed - to help these kids realize their dreams. Thousands of athletes annually get instruction on game-winning techniques, tenacity, fair play, and teamwork ... skills adaptable to help them succeed in life, regardless of their circumstances.

Unequaled experience ... we use NFL players as our head coaches and primarily college coaches as our position specialists. We separate players into Youth (grades 1-8) and High School (grades 9-12) divisions. A player at O-D probably learns more about football techniques in four days with us than he would experience in a season of school football. Legends such as Ed "Too Tall" Jones, Gene Upshaw, and Roger Craig were O-D coaches.

How Donations Work

When you donate to send an athlete to an Offense-Defense event, 100% of your money gets applied to the athlete's account. There are no fees or hidden charges. This gives us a great advantage over other sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, because unlike them, we don't penalize or charge a credit card processing fee!

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All donations are final and non-refundable. Donations can not be withdrawn by the donator for any reason as this could cause the event attendee to no longer be eligible to attend.

In the circumstance the event attendee cancels or otherwise withdraws from their scheduled appearance at the event, any and all donations put forth to enable that attendee's appearance are non-refundable and will instead be recirculated to enable another at-need athlete the chance to attend the event. There are no exceptions.

In the event a donation amount is received in excess of the athlete's remaining balance, the over-payment will be applied to a Spring, Summer, or Elite camp during the same camp season, or can be used in our online store. There will be no refunds for donations that result in overpayment.

Donate Today!

Please select an amount to donate and then let your athlete know who it's from (or leave blank to keep it anonymous) and then select a dollar amount. After you click the "DONATE TODAY!" button you'll be taken to a credit card payment screen.

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O-D Camp and Bowl Shields

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help send A PLAYER IN NEED to Offense Defense Educational Foundation!