Seattle Football Camp

Pacific Lutheran University - July 13 to July 16

12180 Park Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98447 - Facility Website

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Pacific Lutheran University is located six miles south of Tacoma, in suburban Parkland, Washington, on a 156-acre woodland campus.


Pos Age Camper
DB13-14Dawson Mitchell
DB15-18Jon Wilkinson
DB11-12Josey Tyree
DB9-10Meric Soeneke
DE13-14Alexander Edwards
DE15-18Derek Winn
DE15-18Jake Moore
DE9-10Tristan Warner
DL11-12Nick Pedersen
DL9-10Ryan Dallas
DL13-14Ryan Taylor
DL11-12Stephen OHara
LB11-12Bruce Seton
LB9-10Garrett Gray
LB6-8Jayden Iztas
LB15-18Jesse Eveland
LB13-14Michael Ulugalu
OL13-14Alek Karlovic
OL11-12Barret Albright
OL11-12Dylan Allen
OL9-10Noa Montoya
OL15-18Tyler Moore
QB11-12Blaise Meriwether
QB9-10Ethan Anderson
QB13-14Gabe Apker-Montoya
QB13-14Justin Banks
QB15-18Rylon Kolb
QB6-8Shaun Burton
RB13-14Enrique Whites
RB13-14Gavin Rajagopal
RB9-10Isaiah Mcnaught
RB6-8Jaden Hearon
RB11-12Ty Eck
RB15-18Wesley Wheeler
TE11-12Chad Hearon
TE9-10Damain Iztas
TE15-18Reuben Powell
WR13-14Gabriel Eck
WR9-10Jack Hanisch
WR13-14James Hutchens
WR15-18Kyle Hockenberry
Seattle Football Camp


Name Level Organization
George PapageorgiouCollegeBenedictine
Luther LennardCollegeWashington
Jermaine StoneCollegeWashington
James JohnsonCollegeWashington
Patrick DonovanCollegePuget Sound
Will McCarthyCollegePredators
Steve CooperCollegePortland State
Danny UrregoCollegePortland
Meadow LemonCollegeLewis & Clark
Joshua DeanCollegeKentucky State
Anthony Boyles Jr.CollegeIdaho State
Binky BentonCollegeCitrus
Todd StrattonCollegeWhittier
Ages 6-8RB
Ages 9-10DB, LB, QB, RB
Ages 11-12LB, QB, RB
Ages 13-14QB, WR
Ages 15-18RB
Waitlist Only Positions

The positions shown at right are full at this camp location in the age groups shown and we will not be able to accept any additional applicants that match the displayed age and position combinations. If your age and position combination is listed at right, you are able to apply at this camp location at a different position OR apply for a different camp location where your position is available at your age.

Our camps are structured more and more like our Bowl Week event in an attempt to maximize our analytical and instructional capabilities by reducing positional saturation. If you have questions regarding the availability of your position, please don't hesitate to call our office.

O-D Football Camps are the ONE WAY to get to the All-American Bowl

Daily Camp Schedule


7:00-8:45amRegistration & Check-in
9:00-9:30amOpening Ceremony Parent Orientation
9:30-11:45amSession I - Match-up Evaluation Clinic
2:00-4:30pmSession 2
6:30-8:30pmSession 3


7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call
9:00-11:30amSession 4
2:00-4:30pmSession 5
6:30-8:30pmSession 6


7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call
9:00-11:30amSession 7
2:00-4:30pmSession 8
6:30-8:30pmSession 9


7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call
9:00-11:30amSession 10
1:30-2:15pmClosing Ceremony
2:15-2:45pmSession 11
2:45-5:45pmSuperbowl Games
5:45pmCamp Ends

Pricing & Payment Plan

With the Offense-Defense Camp Payment Plan, registrants' remaining balances are divided up into equal monthly payments leading up to your camp date. Payments are automatically made from a credit card account provided to Offense-Defense by the customer and take place on or around the 15th of every month or at the end of the month, depending upon the customer's preference. The final payment due will be automatically processed on May 15th of the current camp year.

Camp Types


Multiple discounts cannot be applied.

All payments are non-refundable within 30 days of the starting date of your camp unless you have purchased Cancellation Protection. (The first $175 paid towards any camp is non-refundable at all times)

Please be aware that all dates, locations, and personnel are subject to change. Offense-Defense Sports is in no way affiliated with the facilities which host our camps.