Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"I have just returned from Atlanta, Georgia, where Offense-Defense held their full contact youth football camp at Oglethorpe University. I had the pleasure of hearing camp co-owner Rick Whittier speak to the parents of campers, and it's safe to say that O-D runs a very good football camp. The camp boasts a 10:1 ratio of campers to coaches, and there are plenty of camp counselors that oversee the dorms for overnight campers. The athletes are pushed to work hard on the field, listen, and improve upon the skill level at their position. There is a strong emphasis on fundamentals and getting the little things right, making good players great. Coaches also provide a detailed evaluation of each camper provided at the end of the week.
Player safety is obviously very important at each camp, which are hosted in cities nationwide, and Mr. Whittier cited that his camps rarely have any problems.

The coaches are legitimate NFL, college, and high school coaches who really know their stuff, and the staff is definitely there to teach football and help build character in the young campers. I would recommend the camp to any parent."

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for letting me be a part of the OD camp this weekend. It was great to be around like minded men coaching with the best interest being the young athlete at hand. Also, I commend you for taking a stand for Christ and I am honored to stand with you. What I did not realize on Sunday morning, until you informed us, was that the chapel was the first in OD Sports history. God will bless you for taking a stand!

Also, I am honored to be a part of OD Prep. There is a great need to aid and assist young players in getting to the next level, opening a door for them to get a college education."

"I'm M. B. Brooks and I have been to 5 of your camps over the last 2 years. We have really enjoyed them and plan to attend this coming summer. I will be bringing my youngest son (age 7) with us this year to the Atlanta camp.

I coached my youngest son's Jr. Pee Wee team this year and plan to discuss with the parents O-D. Can you send me some flyers/information that I can use/passout at our team's banquet?

I look forward to seeing you guys again next year."

"I would like to write you with the news of Nick L. He attended the Pensacola camp and loved it. O-D has given him the confidence he needed to push himself more and help others. The knowledge that he received was priceless. He attended the school football camp in the second week of July. The head coach told us that he could definitely tell that he went to O-D Camp. He is at the top of his team for knowledge, skill, and the ability to help others. I cannot thank O-D Camp enough for the discipline, skills, sportsmanship, and drive that they have given my son. He has met many new boys that he is keeping in touch with. Nick will definitely be attending next year. I know the camp was only for a few days, but he came back a new child. I look forward to helping O-D recruit new members in the years to come.


"Our son Matthew, age 11, was a completely different player this past season. He was focused, dedicated, and was a fearsome hitter, blocker and tackler. He was a two-way starter (Offensive and Defensive End, sometime Fullback, and Kicker) on the team that shocked their league by winning the City-wide championship in the Jr. Pee-Wee division (Big Apple Youth Football Conference, New York City). His team, the Downtown Giants ( became champs in only their second year of existence, beating some very talented and well-established teams to take the title.

A few other players on the team attended the O-D camp on Long Island in July. We went to San Antonio so Matthew could spend time there with a friend of his from Dallas."

"Camp was great. It was a very hard adjustment for him and he called wanting to come home the first day, but once he got to know the boys and got into the rhythm he loved it. Very hard for a boy of 10, but really boosted his self esteem.

At this point, we will try to do it again next year if we can afford it."

"Wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you and all of the O-D staff.

Anthony had a fantastic time at all 3 O-D camps that he attended. Just as we were told, once he stepped foot back on his high school football field is when he - and his coaches - noticed the difference that O-D camps made in Anthony as an athlete. This week is their 2 a day practices. He is at football practice from 7AM - 6PM with a couple hours for lunch and a break in the middle of the day. In the past, Anthony thought that the "2 a day" week was really a tough week. After O-D camps, he is amazed at how well prepared and conditioned his is this year compared to years past.

There are a couple of other big changes that are directly related to O-D camps. Last Friday, the day after we got home from Elite camp, was a training day for our high school team. Anthony ran his 40 in 4.81. He also ran the 800 in 2.49. For a 225 lb lineman, the coaches were pretty happy. They also noticed that his fundamentals had improved greatly.

Anthony has been a starting offensive lineman the last 2 years. His hope was to play more defense. At the O-D camps, all the coaches were telling him he should be a defensive end or tackle. They all seemed to have conversations with him about his potential as a running back. Apparently his high school coaches noticed the same things after his training with O-D. Without Anthony saying a word, they moved him to tackle. Even more amazing, Anthony practiced at running back today.

I can't express to you and the rest of the staff how much we appreciate all that you do. Without the camp experiences, training, and coaching, Anthony would not have had the same opportunities. His coaches also commented today on how fast he was learning anything and everything new they were teaching him. He told them it was because of the O-D camps, "You just learn to pick it up fast at O-D".

We'll be sending along film soon. Our first game is going to be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Should be a great day for game footage."

"I had a blast...I wish we could come back but our high school program does not allow its' players to attend contact camps...I am a huge believer in O-D...I think that the coaching the players receive at camp is second to none...I have seen the progress in my son...Please let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help the O-D Football Experience...Thank you..."

"Any camp, any drill, any rep that helps a player become a better player is beneficial, if he uses it. You can find faults in any camp but O-D focus on them ahead of time, therefore there are few. Use what you learned, apply it in season, make big plays, and keep working each day to be a better player, teammate and person."

"I just wanted to chime in on my experience here at Offense/Defense camp held at Towson University located in Baltimore. This was my sons second year, and my first year as a counselor. I was so pleased with all the instruction and the atmosphere that my son experienced last year, that I decided to become a part of the camp myself. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, especially Mr. Millow Weems who has taken time out of his busy schedule throughout the year to remain in contact with me by returning phone calls and emails. I particularly appreciate the way Mr. Weems communicates with the kids and the parents. I'd also like to add that as a father counselor for the first time, Mr. Weems was a wonderful person to work for, made me feel apart of the O-D camp, and was very respectful.

My son has been quarterbacking for seven years, but the coaches were able to assess his skills at O-D camp and identify the areas he needed support with, such as: follow through on his passing and his mechanics. O-D camp provided my son with specific skills to improve his performance beyond that which he has received at many youth program he has attended in the past. This camp is a worth while investment for any family who want to seriously put there child in a position to receive leadership skills, confidence, and gain improved performance."

"When I was in 6th grade a friend and I went to the Offense-Defense football camp at the University of Fairfield in Connecticut. There were a bunch of pros there serving as counselors - Dave Casper, the TE from the Raiders, an Eagles LB named Jerry Robinson, Mike Haynes, the great defensive back, Ron Yary, the big lineman from Minnesota, and Franco Harris.

It was great practicing with these guys as our "coaches." The moment I remember most, though, was an interaction I had with Tom Moore. It was after dinner one night and a bunch of us were just goofing around in the parking lot playing some 7-on-7 touch. Tom Moore - I didn't have any idea who he was at the time - came walking out of the cafeteria and passed us. He watched for a minute, and then when we huddled up he ducked his head in and said to the kid who was playing QB for us, "Throw a post route. They're playing you without a safety." Sure enough, when we broke the huddle there was no safety in the middle of the field and our QB hit one of our guys in stride for a touchdown.

I don't remember thanking Moore or speaking with him afterwards, but at meetings that night my friend pointed him out to Jerry Robinson and asked who he was. Robinson said, "That's the wide receivers coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He just won two Super Bowls, man." So I guess whether it's a parking lot or the NFL Tom Moore knows how to light up a defense."

"Just a note to say thank you for making us aware of the rule changes regarding campers that reside in states that have issues with full contact camps. We were one of those parents with concerns about our son's eligibility. We live in Ohio and were told that we shouldn't send our son to o-d this year now that he is a middle schooler. His football coach was afraid that if we did and it was reported, that he would become ineligible for the fall season.

Nick was thrilled with camp last year and was disappointed when he heard of this rule. Even before we received your e-mail we decided to go ahead with our plans reguardless, due to the quality of your camp and the great experience our son had during last years camp. When we got your e-mail that explained these changes and laid everything out, we were able to breath a little easier. Thanks again for the information and for the wonderful camps you offer kids who love this sport. We'll see you in June!"

"I would like to thank the entire coaching staff for a great job well done. This past summer my 13 year old son attended the Austin, TX. camp for the first time and had an outstanding week. He learned and conditioned his football skills and most of all made him a stronger leader for his new football team. He now plays starting quarterback and defensive linebacker for his new team and enjoys playing both position.

As a parent, I want to thank the organization for the scholarship that he received and will definitely see you guys next summer."

"I want to thank you all for putting together a Great experience for my son as well as the other children attending the Raleigh Camp. I'm sure things were not as smooth as they seemed, but the staff performed in a professional manner. My son Jalen had a wonderful time as did I, even in the scorching heat.

Training staff was excellent. Trisha was on the ball in an effort to keep the boys pieced together and safe in their activities. Coach Mabry ran a tight ship with very informative meetings and keeping the boys and Coaches on task. My son said he barely noticed I was there, which means the Coaching Staff and Father counselors were very effective in their efforts to teach our boys the game of football.

While I was impressed with the level of football IQ of all the Coaches, I really appreciate Coach Mason, Coach TC, and the other Coaches in that age bracket for how they were able to keep the boys engaged in the activities they were doing. Coach Mason gave Jalen reviews on the things he did well and the things he needs to improve on. As a Pop Warner MM Coach, I was able to gain a few tips to help me this coming season. Jalen and I look forward to many more years of O-D camps as well as the opportunity to play in the All-American game this year.

Milo Weems was very informative in his organizing this staff and how he interacted with parents. From getting out information about upcoming O-D events to how smoothly registration went. I was impressed with his approachabilty and his promptness with information requests. I look forward to working with next years Coaching staff and Milo as we all contribute to the progress of the boys in their quest to be Great Football Players.

Thank You,"

"My son and I just recently attended your San Francisco camp, and I must say, although this was our first experience at camp, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and the effort put forth by your staff. It was an honor being a Father-Counselor and I can truly say that this was the best five days of our entire summer! My son truly learned alot about football, and it showed when he started playing this year. So the buzz has been about "this camp" that Puma (my son) attended and more parents are really interested in O-D, and now it looks like we have a group coming from our orginization. So if you could email me back about how group rates work, I would really appreciate it. The only problem is that although we will be together as a group, the parents wanted the autonomy of doing their own payments and being responsible for them. (I'm sure that will be no problem) But hey Sal, I'm looking forward to another fantastic five days of football next summer with O-D and your crew, so keep up the good work!"

"I'd like to thank your entire organization for the fine camp you conducted in San Francisco recently. My 14 year old son attended and I was able to observe many of the practices. I have a background of playing and coaching football at the high school and college level (more than 30 years) and I observed the following at this camp:

1. The organization was great and the 5 days of practice would seem to convert to a month of practices at the high school level. My son was able to learn skills and techniques that I thought could only be taught at the college level.

2. Not only were football skills and techniques taught, but there were many occasions where coaches were teaching and lecturing about life skills as well. At one practice I overheard one of the coaches lecturing about the importance of doing the right things-- even when you're away from your parents. I know that my son was listening keenly to this coach lecture as he told me several times how much he liked him and what a great man he was.

3. I was extremely impressed with the encouragement given to the kids by the coaches. Never once did I observe any evidence of ridicule or unreasonable expectations.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of the coaches that took the time to coach and encourage my son. I don't know them by name, but there were several that went out of their way to make this a wonderful experience for him."

"I wanted to follow up with to update you on Warren's progress this season. I contribute much of his success to the skills he acquired at the OD Select and Elite camps that he attended during the summer. Warren's school, Charles Herbert Flowers has had a successful 2009 season. They closed out the regular season with a 9-1 record and are the Prince Georges County 4A South champions. This Saturday, Nov 14, they face the one team that beat them during the regular season in the 1st round of the Regional's.

I invite you to view Warren's scouting report to see if he is the caliber of player that you are seeking for the OD Bowl game. The link below contains all of his information and some game footage.

Click the following link to view the NCSA Scouting Report link:"

"Cody was Defensive MVP... He said he learned new things..

That is so important. For that we thank you and your coaches.

He made some new friends and had lot's of fun..

Well, thank you for everything...See you next year!"

"We look forward to Camp this summer, and can not Thank OD enough for the development of my son John through the many years of attending OD camp from the instruction and coaching.

My son John, will be a Senior in High School this fall and this will be his final year of camp at OD unfortunately, after 5years of attending camp this will be the 6th year in a row - and the one that will have the most meaning.

Maybe OD should single out - or do something special or recognize for those @ camp that will be making it there final year because they are seniors, and are not able to attend any more.

Because of OD, and the caliber of coaching he has received from OD, he has played at the Varsity High School level since he was a Sophomore - Last year @ OD camp had a goal and a mission in wanting receive the distinguished OD Camp Most Outstanding Player for Offensive & Defensive line, and at the end of the camp in 2007 - he was awarded just that ! ( Hopefully ) he can do it again !

The main reason for my communication is to let all of you @ OD know how grateful we are for the influence you have made in his performance as well as confidence. I also wanted to know if there was anything additional you offer, that he can attend in addition to the regular OD camp - that he can participate in to extend his knowledge and expierence.

Again this will be his final year, and we wanted to get the very most of everything, being this will be his Senior year - preparing him for college and any opportunities they may come along to continue playing Football at the college level - possably. For the most part preparing him for his Senior year is most important, as we will take one step at a time, and whatever comes from that , evaluate it at that time as it comes.

Again, Thank you again OD, it has been some outstanding years being part of a great organization, and have talked to everyone I know about the expierence and highly recommend your program.

We will never forget where we came from, and I know from the years past , there was never a year that my son did not ask me, If I had signed him yet ! As he looked forward to it every year - and he and I will miss it !

We look forward to seeing you at OD Tampa camp!"

"Tom has attended O-D camps in the past, and now, as he enters his freshman year of college, he is attending college on a football scholarship. I contribute his success to the teachings of Offense Defense. I thank you very much."

"My son and I attended your camp in Portland, OR. We are from Tacoma, WA (Near Seattle, WA). I was a father counselor last year and really enjoy myself and how your camp was set up. My son going into High School really took alot away from your camp. Now the reason I am writing is that I am a youth football head coach and I really liked how there is a full contact camp out there for the young players of today. I like the different skills that were taught and how intense it was. I was talking to my assistant coach during our football season and how the O-D camp help my son and when I told them that the camp starts with 7 yrs old they wanted to know more. I was looking to bring down about 15+ kids depending out parents. I seen that year a coach brought 7 of his players down and this would be a great experience for my boys.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response."

"My son, Christian, entered your camp with a dislike of football and football coaches after last season. Last season ended so bad he was thinking of quitting the sport and trying other team sports. I decided to send him to your camp because of the reviews I read in your testimonial section of your web site. It took a lot of convincing of my spouse to spend the money and send my son to your camp but persistence prevailed. I made a deal with my son that if he still did not like football after this camp I would allow him to find another sport. Christian traveled from Hawaii to participate in your camp and upon his arrival was surprised to find that this camp was truly about football and not fun and games. Christian entered the camp in phenomenal shape because of wrestling but found that it still wasn't enough. It took him about a day and a half to get used to the running but loved every minute of it. He hasn't stopped talking about everything he learned from your staff and how fun they made football again. He enjoyed rooming at USD and never complained about missing home. He was surprised on how fast the contact started but thought it was one of the best things about the camp. He has implemented the techniques he learned at your camp and in one day of practice with his new team impressed his new coaches. My son is only 12 years old and is shutting down freshmen receivers. Awesome job O-D and thank for helping my son to love this great sport again. He will be attending next year."

"He got some great news lately as well. He was chosen for VTO Sports "Elite 100" and will be participating in their Division I A scouting match-up as a wide receiver. He has also been training at XXXX Sports with Antico Dalton of the 2002 New England Patriots who is impressed with Joey's footwork, sense of team play and agility. Joey told him that he credits a lot of what he does to what he learned at your Charlotte camp last year.

As a parent, I think your program is phenomenal in developing young men into total athletes; young men who are athletic, competitive, team-oriented and have a good sense of fair play. It's worked for Joey and is what I tell everyone with a son coming up who is interested in a worthwhile camp experience."

"We would like to say a huge THANK YOU, our son Shawn "Bing" Bingley was at the Raleigh O-D camp July 15th-18th and is a changed person for the better.

This was his third year at the Raleigh camp and at 10 years old, the Sunday morning session was a bit of a challenge for him over previous years. Partially due to having just returning back from two weeks of vacation the night before, partially due to an injury he received during the session, and partially to do with the speed that this camp session moved. He didn't notify anyone of his injury (that wasn't life threatening) until after the session was over at which point he burst into tears and wanted to leave. A father counselor took him over to the trainer and got him sorted out. Now with this going on and being introduced to how this years camp was going to be run, separating the parents from the kids, the pace, and structure that was planned out, both my wife and son were in tears and I was ready to pack the whole thing in, take the loss and leave. Thankfully we didn't leave, and stuck it out. During the opening ceremony you mentioned that people may not like you or the way you run things in the beginning but by the end of the week they come around, we were skeptical. Add to that during the afternoon session my wife was standing at the end of the field along the sideline and you had asked her to move away, she couldn't have been more upset. By the time we left with Shawn Sunday night his mood had already changed, he loved the structure and how the stations and drills were set up and the movement between them, much better than years past. By Tuesday night we all couldn't wait to get back out there Wednesday. And were sad to see the camp end, it's by far the best camp we've have attended to this point.

Shawn has hung on to every speech that you gave, and especially the one on "character" he grew so much in those four days, not only on the football field, but as a young man. His attitude and outlook have taken a 180 degree turn since the camp ended, he is not only a joy to be around, but is more dedicated to the sport than ever before.

The coaching staff was great as well, they pushed the boys but kept them all upbeat with a positive attitude. The evaluation that was given was scored correctly, and although Shawn got an MVP award for the second year in a row he was down due to the fact of there being some C's on his evaluation. I'm glad there were both to keep him humble, and give him realistic areas to work on.

We can only hope that you are Head Coach for the Raleigh camp again next year if not we'll be traveling to whatever camp you are. Thanks again for not only the amazing job you did with our son, but all of the young men out on the field.


"My son Hunter attended your Chicago camp this year and it is amazing the difference in his confidence and ability this year. I was kind of leary about sending him to your camp but I am sure glad I did because I am sure it is the reason he has become such a force on the field (I have people asking me every week what brought the change in him, and I tell them it was your camp). I just wanted to say thanks and let you know he'll be back, he not only learned alot but he also had a good time."

"Thanks you so much for helping me with my situation. It is very refreshing to deal with a person who truly understand the meaning of customer services. Keith is very excited about starting camp. Thanks so must and may the lord truly bless you."

"Zane Harber went to your Select Camp this summer to learn more about a new position that his coach was wanting him to play (Middle LineBacker). He was selected to go to the Elite camp but he could not attend due to 2 a days for football for High School.

This year he is playing Starting Inside/Middle Linebacker. He averages between 10 to 12 tackles per game and has caused 2 fumbles. He has made approximately 10 SAC's and recovered 1 fumble for the season . For someone that usually played Quarterback, he is doing great. The Crosby Cougars are now in the playoffs. The team went undefeated to win the District Championship and has won the bi-District Championship this past weekend. They will be playing in Spring against Montgomery this Saturday."

"Thanks for the note, My son (Ty) has been at the camp the last 2 years and we love it. He will most likely do the O-D day camp for 2 weeks this summer."

"We had a great experience at the Offense-Defense Football Camp in Los Angeles, CA this week with me as a counselor and my son a camper. We signed up to return again next year before the camp ended and will be back every year to gain the knowledge shared. There were outstanding coaches and players there and we both grew as coach and player. The coaching staff was absolutely amazing and included NFL Super Bowl Champion Amani Toomer's father Donald Toomer. Stephen earned MVP at the linebacker position and will be playing in the Offense-Defense All American Game in Orlando, Florida after our Pop Warner season."

"YES MOST DEFINITELY!!! We are Part of Naples Hurricanes Pop Warner Football Assoc here in Naples. . . . I know that we are getting a large group together this year . . . I know that our President has already spoken to someone over there at OD. Looking forward to this year's camp.

You have the best run camp, my son loved it last year!!!"