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Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"First of all, I would like to greatly appreciate to opportunity to help out and participate as a father counselor at the Raleigh camp this year. It was a great experience! My son Triston Jacobs had a great time again this year. He attended the camp last year also and is already looking forward to atteding the bowl game activities again as well as next years camp. As far as Im concerned, I think the camp was run great, for the children and the father counselors. My son attended the camp last year. I did not know about the father counselor program last year, or else I would have participated in it last year. I think the program was run great! I hope I get to participate next year. I would also like to send a special thank you to to mr. Milow Weems. Amongst his busy schedule with organizing the daily activities and making sure the camp was run to perfection, he also took time to spend some special one on one time with my son with some issues he was having at camp. He made a great and lasting impression on my son. My son, before we left had to find him and take a picture with him. That the kind of bonding and mentoring that can make a major difference in a childs life. Again, I would like to express my dearest thank you to the staff of O-D for the experience, not only for just my son but mine as well. See you next year!"

"My son, Ricky, just finished camp today at the Carlsbad (San Diego) location. I just wanted to let you know what a perfect venue this location was. He has been to 5 O-D camps in 4 years and this was by far our favorite. I spoke to most all of the other parents and they all agreed. I suggested that they should let you know as well, but I'm not sure if they will. We all enjoyed the nice ocean breeze, the cooler temperatures, beautiful field, nice dorm facilities, convenient location of the cafeteria, multitude of activities surrounding the area, close proximity of restaurants and other facilities. I am not sure if you are considering this same location for next year, but I certainly hope you will. I heard a lot of fathers saying that they are going to bring more of their football players with them next year, now that they know what to expect. Most of the parents said that they will be back next year. Just thought you would like some feedback, as it was the first year there. Thanks for your time. See you in Orlando."

"My son Hunter attended your Chicago camp this year and it is amazing the difference in his confidence and ability this year. I was kind of leary about sending him to your camp but I am sure glad I did because I am sure it is the reason he has become such a force on the field (I have people asking me every week what brought the change in him, and I tell them it was your camp). I just wanted to say thanks and let you know he'll be back, he not only learned alot but he also had a good time."

"I am writing for FAMFA (Franklin Area Midget Football Association). My son attended your camp last year and will be attending again - but since he enjoyed it so much he has told many other kids in the organization. We were wondering if there was any sort of group rate available for Midget Football organizations? We would be interested in the Pittsburgh camp."

"I am writing this email to say thank you for the leadership and coaching that you provided at the Offense Defense Football Camp at Hampton University. This was Christopher's second year attending OD and as a parent I am very impressed with the program. I wanted to take the time to commend you for not only providing guidance and coaching on football field, you provided guidance to young boys on how to take what they learn and apply on the field to their everyday lives. It is about being focus, discipline, determination, team work, listening skills and at times leadership. During the Awards Ceremony, I was very impressed and touched by how the guest speakers and coaches stressed to the players to apply the same level of energy that they provide in this sport into being a better person.

I can only speak about my child, but it only reinforces what I am teaching Christopher. It not about the wins or losses, nor the ability to go to Dallas to play at the All American Bowl, it is about not only focusing on football, but taking the principles of the game and applying them to your life that will ultimately make them a better player, a better son, a better student, a better friend and one day a better man.

So thank you and the coaches for taking time out of your summer to provide such an AWESOME camp. Christopher is looking forward to Camp 2013 and so are we. Many Blessing to you and yours"

"I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for the youth all american bowl. My son Zach had the best experience ever and has committed to work even harder so he can hopefully qualify again next year. Often satisfied parents don't say anything while difficult parents tend to be more vocal- please realize how much we appreciated all of your efforts.

Again this was an awesome opportunity and I am grateful to the entire O-D family and proud my son is a part of it."

"Back in the summer of 1987, as I prepared for my senior year of high school, I found myself at Fairleigh Dickenson University attending an O-D Football Camp. Little did I know, 26 years later, I would find myself at Kean University from July 7th to July 10, 2013 at another O-D Football Camp with Daniel, my 11 year old son.

Some of the best things I took from my experience at camp were the life lessons of teamwork, dedication, hard work and the importance of details. It was a pleasure to see these same lessons being stressed to Daniel and all the other campers on the very first day. It was clear all the coaches and staff from John Paredez (JP), Coach Reed (Head Coach), position coaches and all the counselors, were not only speaking to these lessons but they lived them and implemented them during the entire camp.

The coaching Daniel received this week was excellent; from the drills to the scrimmages to the Bowl Game. Daniel had such a great time attending the camp and thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and teaching done by the entire staff. He is already asking what camp he can go to next year.

My son and I have a great bond through football. We have now expanded upon that bond through our wonderful experiences attending O-D Football Camps.

Thank you again for the excellent job done over the generations!"

"I had a blast...I wish we could come back but our high school program does not allow its' players to attend contact camps...I am a huge believer in O-D...I think that the coaching the players receive at camp is second to none...I have seen the progress in my son...Please let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help the O-D Football Experience...Thank you..."

"My Son (Ahmad Black) attended O-D camp and was Best Defense Player there. Now he plays for the Florida Gators as a safety,his first year starting he was selected All-Sec Second Team , also will be playing for the National Championships in College . He won two National High School Championships with Lakeland Dreadnaughts in 2005 & 2006."

"My name is D.A. MY son Darren attended last years camp @ St Marys College. Our experience at your camp last year has help my child succeed during his football season with the American Canyon Patriots. He played at the scouts level, ( 7-9yr olds). He Played quarterback offense scoring 20 Touchdowns, over 30 pass completions, and 4 TD passes. On defense he played ILB, averaging 13 takles a game. The team only allowed 6 touchdowns.As a result, I shared with family and friends that Darren attended O-D camp. I truely feel O-D camp gave my son the tools and necessary skills to make this a rewarding season.

Im requesting a group rate code to share with all of my friends and family of the AMERICAN CANYON PATRIOTS and the youth of our community."

"We attended the Memphis camp. This was our son's first full contact camp. He already had one year experience with 3/4th grade. Attending O-D game him a boost and tools for the upcoming season. When 2012 came to an end, he had a total 550+ yards rushing, 6 touchdowns, over 26 solo tackles on defense, and 3 QB sacks. Thanks to all the coaches and staff at Offense-Defense!"

"I just wanted to chime in on my experience here at Offense/Defense camp held at Towson University located in Baltimore. This was my sons second year, and my first year as a counselor. I was so pleased with all the instruction and the atmosphere that my son experienced last year, that I decided to become a part of the camp myself. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, especially Mr. Millow Weems who has taken time out of his busy schedule throughout the year to remain in contact with me by returning phone calls and emails. I particularly appreciate the way Mr. Weems communicates with the kids and the parents. I'd also like to add that as a father counselor for the first time, Mr. Weems was a wonderful person to work for, made me feel apart of the O-D camp, and was very respectful.

My son has been quarterbacking for seven years, but the coaches were able to assess his skills at O-D camp and identify the areas he needed support with, such as: follow through on his passing and his mechanics. O-D camp provided my son with specific skills to improve his performance beyond that which he has received at many youth program he has attended in the past. This camp is a worth while investment for any family who want to seriously put there child in a position to receive leadership skills, confidence, and gain improved performance."

"Your Program is the bomb...we loved it. My son Tyler is now the starting QB in the select league. He beat out 9 other kids, 3 of which were much bigger. I look forward to next time."

"Just wanted to send a note to let you know that the New York Camp was very good this year. Milow Weems did an outstanding job with the administrative side of the camp and Coach Culpepper ran an excellent football camp. Our son Matthew received excellent OL training from Coach Manley and enjoyed his experience very much. It was also very nice to see Coach Toomer and Coach Johnson at camp too. We did miss not having Coach Sonny Cosby at the New York Camp and hope to see him again soon.

Please keep up the good work."

"This was my sons first year of OD Camp. It is quite expensive especially for a single mother, but we managed it and it was worth it. He was an overnight camper as we live on an island in the Pacific Northwest and travel to and from camp each day is not an option. It was a great camp, my son really enjoyed it. The accomodations were great, the meal options worked out wonderfully and parking and access were fantastic. I've already signed him up again for camp next year. Please have the camp at PLU again next year. It was fantastic."

"I wanted to say thank you for all of your help, support, and patience with the coordination of the Youth All American Football Bowl in assisting the parents by making hotel arrangements, to emailing schedules, to just making sure we had directions.

This was my son, Israel Strickland (#6 on Team 5 East) first year and he had a blast and is looking forward to camp this year. He has been to the O-D Camp with his father (father counselor) for the past 3 - 4 years and has enjoyed it. I've been trying to convince him to try the O-D camp in Florida but he insists that Nashville, TN is the best although the only other O-D camp he has been to is Atlanta, but that's okay as long as he enjoys it and learns much.

Again, seeing the light in his eyes as he stood on the sideline freezing from the cold weather waiting to get into the game to hit somebody was worth me driving over 400+ miles, hands and feet turning into icicles as I cheered for the East and laughing as the little people tackled and ran the ball in hopes of a touchdown. I say my son had a blast but in all honesty, I think we had more fun just being a part of this wonderful event. As a result, I think we have convinced my nephew to attend the Nashville, TN camp with my son this year. All he could think about was being able to attend the Youth All American Bowl himself next year. Yes, we explained to him that it is by the coach's selection (invitation only) but he didn't care.

Again, thank you and the O-D staff for making this a memorable New Year's for my son and we look forward to speaking with you again in the near future."

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Tampa camp. Coach Mabry and the entire staff was outstanding! The camp and each session started promptly and the instruction and coaching from everyone was superlative. Coach Mabry was quite strict and his style was exactly what my 10 year old son and all of the campers needed. What was equally and perhaps more impressive was Coach Mabry's obvious and sincere care and love for the kids. He was very hard when the situation called for it and likewise compassionate when necessary. The same traits were displayed by each member of his staff. I was on the sideline every day and this approach was consistent from the opening to the closing whistle.

Thank-you for a great camp!"

"I hope you are well. Congrats on another great O-D Bowl. It brought back a lot of memories.

Ryan is at ASU now. They are very excited top have him and I am excited to have him home. : )

Thank you again for the opportunity you gave him and he did not disappoint!"

"He got some great news lately as well. He was chosen for VTO Sports "Elite 100" and will be participating in their Division I A scouting match-up as a wide receiver. He has also been training at XXXX Sports with Antico Dalton of the 2002 New England Patriots who is impressed with Joey's footwork, sense of team play and agility. Joey told him that he credits a lot of what he does to what he learned at your Charlotte camp last year.

As a parent, I think your program is phenomenal in developing young men into total athletes; young men who are athletic, competitive, team-oriented and have a good sense of fair play. It's worked for Joey and is what I tell everyone with a son coming up who is interested in a worthwhile camp experience."

"I am writing this email to express my appreciation for the NY O-D Camp. My son John, had an amazing time and an unforgettable learning experience. This was his first year and we have already signed him up 2011. The knowledge and dedication of the entire coaching staff is immeasurable. I was extremely happy with the way the whole camp process was run, from check-in on Sunday morning to the bowl game on Wednesday evening.

During the O-D Bowl game, John had the opportunity to be interviewed by you twice that night. His first interview was when he caught two interceptions and the second was his one handed catch for a touchdown in the end zone. The entire crowd including myself and several coaches roared with excited. Undoubtedly a catch that was taught at the clinic/camp."

"I wanted to thank the staff of OD for another wonderful football camp. Our son, Jonathan, was clearly prepared for Pop Warner from this camp. This was so much so that we influenced two other boys' parents to come this year.

The highlight for my son was Coach Williams. He is a wonderful coach and is so passionate about these boys developing their talent. What a blessing to have him!

We are planning on coming back next year to have Coach Williams teach our son better techniques and will influence as many parents in following suit.

Thank you for all you do and please give our special thanks to Coach Williams."

"Just to let you know, we sent the 10 kids from our North Port Mustangs Pop Warner organization ranging from Mitey Mite level to Midget Level, Our Mustang Organization in the Peace River Conference is 25-0 with only 64 points that have been allowed. I know everybody in the organization did not attend, but guess who the standout players are this year. Miles Hayes, Tommy Joyce, Thomas Joyce, Zach Fryar, Cade Koerick, Mark Urtz, Devon Allen, Timmy Joyce who had an injury at the first of the season but is getting in the mix now. The players who came to the camp!"

"I wanted to provide you some feedback relative to the experience my son had. The camp exceeded all of my expectations as they pertain to: the football content, the accommodations, and the experience. Simply stated, my son arrived the individual he was on Sunday, and returned a different person all in a positive way and not only as it pertains to his football. I am forever grateful and will sing the praise of your camp to all."

"Thanks for the best camp experience that my son could have imagined. O-D camp coaches and Director in Houston were awesome. They made EVERY CHILD feel like that were special. They encouraged both the physically able and the not so physically able. Every child should have walked away feeling like a winner.

Thanks a million, look forward to next year!"

"My son, Justice has been attending Offense-Defense Camp for the past four years. His transformation as a player is a model of what the Offense-Defense Family can do for a young football player.

Four years ago, he played his 1st season. He was an inexperienced player who lacked the self confidence, technique and football knowledge to match his athleticism and raw talent. However, his involvement with O-D, particularly the coaching of Pat Morrison, Justice has become a dominant force at the cornerback position, and has become arguably one of the best 13 year old corners you will find anywhere. He pitched a complete shut out last seaon, not allowing one completion.

We are thankful to have had the opportunity to have our son under the tutelage of Coach Pat. He has been an instrumental part of Justice's development, as a player and young man. I would believe that he has placed a permanent imprint on my son and his positive influence will continue to extend into Justice's football career and life in general. Coach Pat has helped Justice develop an incredible football IQ, an advanced understanding, of the nuances of position, one rarely possessed by a 13 year old cornerback. As a result, Justice walks onto the field with an understanding of the game that dwarfs his peers; it allows him to literally dominate and take away a half of the field.

But not only has Coach Morrison, been instrumental in Justice's development, he has assisted me, as his father, in understanding the details of the various coverages and techniques, which better enable me to continue helping to develop my son throughout the year. I am better able to coach my son, because coach has been willing to freely share his knowledge.

In closing, thank you O-D for providing the system and the environment to enable my son to acquire the tools necessary for long term success.

Remember the name, Justice Witcher. He will be certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the future and another great player to come from the O-D family."

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the good instruction that my two sons received in the Atlanta camp. This is my oldest son's 5th year attending your camps and he has really developed into a solid football player as well as a good young man. He was awarded the defensive skills MVP for the 13 year olds and has been invited to the youth all American bowl in January. This is awesome for him! Your camp is great. We will always remember Offense-Defense is where it started."

"Just a quick note to advise you of our satisfaction with the OD Camp . Jarrett partipated in the Naperville camp this year and walked away with the confidence and skills that i had hoped he would gain. The coaches gave him one on one time and his big surprise was winning the mvp award which really made his confidence soar . He is having a great season with four touchdowns in 4 games and he keeps coming off the field attributing things he did that he had learned at od camp. Keep up the good work."

"I'd like to thank your entire organization for the fine camp you conducted in San Francisco recently. My 14 year old son attended and I was able to observe many of the practices. I have a background of playing and coaching football at the high school and college level (more than 30 years) and I observed the following at this camp:

1. The organization was great and the 5 days of practice would seem to convert to a month of practices at the high school level. My son was able to learn skills and techniques that I thought could only be taught at the college level.

2. Not only were football skills and techniques taught, but there were many occasions where coaches were teaching and lecturing about life skills as well. At one practice I overheard one of the coaches lecturing about the importance of doing the right things-- even when you're away from your parents. I know that my son was listening keenly to this coach lecture as he told me several times how much he liked him and what a great man he was.

3. I was extremely impressed with the encouragement given to the kids by the coaches. Never once did I observe any evidence of ridicule or unreasonable expectations.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every one of the coaches that took the time to coach and encourage my son. I don't know them by name, but there were several that went out of their way to make this a wonderful experience for him."

"My son, Christian, entered your camp with a dislike of football and football coaches after last season. Last season ended so bad he was thinking of quitting the sport and trying other team sports. I decided to send him to your camp because of the reviews I read in your testimonial section of your web site. It took a lot of convincing of my spouse to spend the money and send my son to your camp but persistence prevailed. I made a deal with my son that if he still did not like football after this camp I would allow him to find another sport. Christian traveled from Hawaii to participate in your camp and upon his arrival was surprised to find that this camp was truly about football and not fun and games. Christian entered the camp in phenomenal shape because of wrestling but found that it still wasn't enough. It took him about a day and a half to get used to the running but loved every minute of it. He hasn't stopped talking about everything he learned from your staff and how fun they made football again. He enjoyed rooming at USD and never complained about missing home. He was surprised on how fast the contact started but thought it was one of the best things about the camp. He has implemented the techniques he learned at your camp and in one day of practice with his new team impressed his new coaches. My son is only 12 years old and is shutting down freshmen receivers. Awesome job O-D and thank for helping my son to love this great sport again. He will be attending next year."

"My son originally began at o-d camps in Kansas City, then at Central Missouri for the KC area camp, and finished 3 years at camp at Nashville, all of which were week residence. At the end of his Senior year in 2010 he was an all-state center in Kansas, and was all league and region for 3 years. Because of his height he was recruited primarily by Div 2 and 3 universities, and signed with Emporia State University of the MIAA which is one of 3 premier conferences. His junior and senior red shirt years he started at center, and was named both years as Honorable Mention all-conference. When we were done I asked him to what, other than his work ethic and attitude, he attributed his success to. He replied emphatically "what I was taught at my years at O-D"...I think there no better testimonial than that."