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Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"When I was in 6th grade a friend and I went to the Offense-Defense football camp at the University of Fairfield in Connecticut. There were a bunch of pros there serving as counselors - Dave Casper, the TE from the Raiders, an Eagles LB named Jerry Robinson, Mike Haynes, the great defensive back, Ron Yary, the big lineman from Minnesota, and Franco Harris.

It was great practicing with these guys as our "coaches." The moment I remember most, though, was an interaction I had with Tom Moore. It was after dinner one night and a bunch of us were just goofing around in the parking lot playing some 7-on-7 touch. Tom Moore - I didn't have any idea who he was at the time - came walking out of the cafeteria and passed us. He watched for a minute, and then when we huddled up he ducked his head in and said to the kid who was playing QB for us, "Throw a post route. They're playing you without a safety." Sure enough, when we broke the huddle there was no safety in the middle of the field and our QB hit one of our guys in stride for a touchdown.

I don't remember thanking Moore or speaking with him afterwards, but at meetings that night my friend pointed him out to Jerry Robinson and asked who he was. Robinson said, "That's the wide receivers coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He just won two Super Bowls, man." So I guess whether it's a parking lot or the NFL Tom Moore knows how to light up a defense."

"This was my sons first year of OD Camp. It is quite expensive especially for a single mother, but we managed it and it was worth it. He was an overnight camper as we live on an island in the Pacific Northwest and travel to and from camp each day is not an option. It was a great camp, my son really enjoyed it. The accomodations were great, the meal options worked out wonderfully and parking and access were fantastic. I've already signed him up again for camp next year. Please have the camp at PLU again next year. It was fantastic."

"I don't remember all the names but I will tell you that from the camp leader to all the coaches I interacted with I thought the camp was run very well and the intensity of the workouts was the best I've seen. The quality of the games at the end of the week was incredible for the short amount of time the kids and coaches had to prepare... GREAT JOB!!! We will be back in 2013..."

"Just a note to say thank you for making us aware of the rule changes regarding campers that reside in states that have issues with full contact camps. We were one of those parents with concerns about our son's eligibility. We live in Ohio and were told that we shouldn't send our son to o-d this year now that he is a middle schooler. His football coach was afraid that if we did and it was reported, that he would become ineligible for the fall season.

Nick was thrilled with camp last year and was disappointed when he heard of this rule. Even before we received your e-mail we decided to go ahead with our plans reguardless, due to the quality of your camp and the great experience our son had during last years camp. When we got your e-mail that explained these changes and laid everything out, we were able to breath a little easier. Thanks again for the information and for the wonderful camps you offer kids who love this sport. We'll see you in June!"

"Hello! Just an "FYI": I sent 2 of my son's to OD Camp in San Francisco, back in 1998 or 1999 (Can't remember which). Just to let you know, that my younger of the 2 son's is attending The Ohio State University on a full-ride football scholarship! He is a Freshman and actually saw playing time last Saturday against USC.

Thank you so much! Ken Norton Jr. was really good with my kids at that camp."

"I was a father counselor at the Pittsburgh camp last year. Remember me? Anyhow, Brandon enjoyed himself so much that we are already signed up for next year. We are going to attend the Baltimore camp . . . it's only 2-1/2 hours from our house as opposed to 4-1/2 hours to Pittsburgh. I am going to sign up again to be a father counselor. I've already talked to several other fathers from our home town about their sons . . .

Thanks again for the great experience I was able to have with my son at camp."

"My name is D.A. MY son Darren attended last years camp @ St Marys College. Our experience at your camp last year has help my child succeed during his football season with the American Canyon Patriots. He played at the scouts level, ( 7-9yr olds). He Played quarterback offense scoring 20 Touchdowns, over 30 pass completions, and 4 TD passes. On defense he played ILB, averaging 13 takles a game. The team only allowed 6 touchdowns.As a result, I shared with family and friends that Darren attended O-D camp. I truely feel O-D camp gave my son the tools and necessary skills to make this a rewarding season.

Im requesting a group rate code to share with all of my friends and family of the AMERICAN CANYON PATRIOTS and the youth of our community."

"My son and I attended your camp in Portland, OR. We are from Tacoma, WA (Near Seattle, WA). I was a father counselor last year and really enjoy myself and how your camp was set up. My son going into High School really took alot away from your camp. Now the reason I am writing is that I am a youth football head coach and I really liked how there is a full contact camp out there for the young players of today. I like the different skills that were taught and how intense it was. I was talking to my assistant coach during our football season and how the O-D camp help my son and when I told them that the camp starts with 7 yrs old they wanted to know more. I was looking to bring down about 15+ kids depending out parents. I seen that year a coach brought 7 of his players down and this would be a great experience for my boys.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response."

"Kudos and congrats on the sterling experience for my son, Mac, at the Elite Camp. The coaching intensity and instruction was beyond outstanding. It was a terrific life experience for my son!"

"I wanted to follow up with to update you on Warren's progress this season. I contribute much of his success to the skills he acquired at the OD Select and Elite camps that he attended during the summer. Warren's school, Charles Herbert Flowers has had a successful 2009 season. They closed out the regular season with a 9-1 record and are the Prince Georges County 4A South champions. This Saturday, Nov 14, they face the one team that beat them during the regular season in the 1st round of the Regional's.

I invite you to view Warren's scouting report to see if he is the caliber of player that you are seeking for the OD Bowl game. The link below contains all of his information and some game footage.

Click the following link to view the NCSA Scouting Report link: http://tinyurl.com/ylqukdt"

"Dear Offense-Defense,

I just want to let you know what a great experience my son and I had this year at the Bay Area O-D camp. This is the second year in a row my son and I have participated in this camp. I had so much fun last year, that I returned as a father counselor for this year.

Joe Blackwell, the O-D Coordinator, was a terrific coordinator and had the camp running smoothly. Joe was very personable and all of the father counselors enjoyed being around Joe. I truly believe that Joe's coaching background was a tremendous asset to how well the camp ran. Joe never hesitated to address and correct any issue. Joe's tireless work ethic and caring personality contributed to a successful event.

Coach RJ Lewis was a very inspirational and knowledgeable coach. The young men really enjoyed how Coach Lewis had his assistant coaches give inspirational speeches/talks with the boys at the end of the practices. I never heard one athlete complain about going to practice, doing drills, etc during this camp. The drills Coach Lewis ended every practice with was also very exciting for the boys and the spectators! Coach Lewis also had a very caring personality and could be seen on numerous occasions interacting and conversing with the athletes.

All of the assistant coaches were unbelievable as well. I was very happy to see Dr. Toomer return as a coach for the young group. Coach John (cannot remember his last name, but coaches for CMS) had unbelievable amounts of energy! I loved watching Coach John interact and instruct the "pups" and I know all of them loved having him as their coach too.

Joe Blackwell and Coach Lewis were amazing to work with and superb role models for all of the young men attending the camp. I am already looking forward to next year and hope to see Joe and Coach Lewis at the Bay Area O-D camp in 2014."

"Our son Matthew, age 11, was a completely different player this past season. He was focused, dedicated, and was a fearsome hitter, blocker and tackler. He was a two-way starter (Offensive and Defensive End, sometime Fullback, and Kicker) on the team that shocked their league by winning the City-wide championship in the Jr. Pee-Wee division (Big Apple Youth Football Conference, New York City). His team, the Downtown Giants (http://www.o-d.com/media/js/tiny_mce/www.downtowngiants.com) became champs in only their second year of existence, beating some very talented and well-established teams to take the title.

A few other players on the team attended the O-D camp on Long Island in July. We went to San Antonio so Matthew could spend time there with a friend of his from Dallas."

"Another successful year at O-D Camp in Raleigh NC @ NCSU. The show went on without a hitch. The director moved expeditiously and secured an alternate practice area (gym). Although it was not ideal I appreciated the fact of having a place to continue camp as oppose to being sent home. Quickly thereafter the players were moved to a new practice field. Not only did Brandon and Steven perfect their drills and techniques at camp. They actually learned about the game from a LB standpoint calling strength, etc... affording them both to win awards, Brandon MVP and Steven Performance. Kudos to the LB Coach. He did a wonderful job with the LB's ages (6-10). Camp officials did a nice job matching campers by age/weight. Great camp!"

"This is Leslie K, my son Heath was at your camp last summer and is a returning camper.

I need more info about this years camp I have 5 parents thinking about sending their kids. 2 are coming for sure. I need to know if we can get a group discount and if so how much. I am trying to get as many of the kids from Greendale as I can. I am even offering to drive them if needed.

Heath learned so much last year that he made MVP for his team this year! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Hope your Holidays were great!"

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great football camp you had at Indy last week. Our thirteen year old has been doing an O-D camp every summer now for the last four years - usually the Kansas City camp at Warrensburg, Missouri - but the extra effort involved in sending him to Indianapolis was well worth it.

GREAT coaching staff - good venue - and a lot of attention to detail by Bo and the entire staff. Most detailed evaluation sheet we have ever received! An extra plus was having Dave Ritchie there. We have a summer house in Manitoba and have been Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans for years. It meant a lot to Cristen to be able to visit and spend time with Coach Ritchie at camp and they apparently really hit it off as Dave sent him some of his old Bomber' Coaches gear after he returned to Pennsylvania. We see that Coach Ritchie is helping with some of your other camps this summer and we hope he is available and that you will be able to bring him back next year (at least for Indy). He was really accessible and inspiring not only to Cristen but to the other campers as well! What a great guy!!! I hope you keep it going!!"

"Zane Harber went to your Select Camp this summer to learn more about a new position that his coach was wanting him to play (Middle LineBacker). He was selected to go to the Elite camp but he could not attend due to 2 a days for football for High School.

This year he is playing Starting Inside/Middle Linebacker. He averages between 10 to 12 tackles per game and has caused 2 fumbles. He has made approximately 10 SAC's and recovered 1 fumble for the season . For someone that usually played Quarterback, he is doing great. The Crosby Cougars are now in the playoffs. The team went undefeated to win the District Championship and has won the bi-District Championship this past weekend. They will be playing in Spring against Montgomery this Saturday."

"I wanted to thank the staff of OD for another wonderful football camp. Our son, Jonathan, was clearly prepared for Pop Warner from this camp. This was so much so that we influenced two other boys' parents to come this year.

The highlight for my son was Coach Williams. He is a wonderful coach and is so passionate about these boys developing their talent. What a blessing to have him!

We are planning on coming back next year to have Coach Williams teach our son better techniques and will influence as many parents in following suit.

Thank you for all you do and please give our special thanks to Coach Williams.

God bless,"

"My son and I just recently attended your San Francisco camp, and I must say, although this was our first experience at camp, I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and the effort put forth by your staff. It was an honor being a Father-Counselor and I can truly say that this was the best five days of our entire summer! My son truly learned alot about football, and it showed when he started playing this year. So the buzz has been about "this camp" that Puma (my son) attended and more parents are really interested in O-D, and now it looks like we have a group coming from our orginization. So if you could email me back about how group rates work, I would really appreciate it. The only problem is that although we will be together as a group, the parents wanted the autonomy of doing their own payments and being responsible for them. (I'm sure that will be no problem) But hey Sal, I'm looking forward to another fantastic five days of football next summer with O-D and your crew, so keep up the good work!"

"Cody was Defensive MVP... He said he learned new things..

That is so important. For that we thank you and your coaches.

He made some new friends and had lot's of fun..

Well, thank you for everything...See you next year!"

"I am writing O-D Sports to extend a special thanks to Coach Fine for the outstanding job he and the other coaches did at the San Antonio camp this week. The level of organization, intense teaching and discipline was outstanding. My son learned a lot in addition to the techniques of the game. It's obvious why coach Fine is a head coach at the collegiate level. I would recommend the camp to any kid who is serious about learning the game the right way and to any parent who is willing to let their son grow up."

"Hello! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much my two sons enjoyed O-D camp this year. This was my 13 yr old's 5th year at O-D, and was my 11 year old's 3rd year at O-D. All of the coaches did an amazing job as usual. Coach Kirksey ran a very organized camp. Coach Newton did a fabulous job with my 13 yr old as a lineman coach. My wife and I both have gone out and stayed at the camp everyday for the last 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of what we have seen.

Please pass to the coaches our appreciation for the time that each one of them has put in, not only for our children, but for all of the kids in attendance."

"I wanted to share our experience with OD this year.

Our Son Drew Wood attended two of your camps this year in Georgia and Virginia. Both are great camps. This was our first year at Georgia; we couldn't get over the amount of kids that attended says a lot about OD.

This was our third year at the Virginia camp. Everything turned out well and we are coming back to the VA camp next year.

Coach Lewis went above and beyond "Football" at the VA camp. He did a great job with coaching the sport but he also spoke about life and how sometimes making a first down was the least of the battles that they may face in life.

Drew's brother Dillon was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He had a tumor in his chest that was crushing his trachea. Dillon was unconscious for 4 days while they treated the tumor. Several of his organs shut down due to the Chemo and Steroids that they were pumping into him. We contacted every Church that we could. We had Dillon on so many prayer chains. It was amazing.

To make a long story short, Dillon started making progress. His organs started back up again. His prognosis is good. The last time his bone marrow was checked, the cancer cells were not there. He has beaten all the odds that the Doctors put in front of him.

The last day of the camp Drew was giving the Coaches a "Dillon" wrist band and asking them to pray for his brother. Coach Lewis found me and asked about Dillon. I told him what was going on in Dillon's life.

Coach Lewis asked if he could talk to the kids about Dillons fight. He wanted to stress to them that life is about fighting and sometimes you can have a much bigger fight on your hands than a football game. Coach Lewis did a great job with his speech; He brought Dillon forward and gave him an award for being a fighter.

Hard for me to explain this much further but it was emotional and heart felt. I can't say thank you enough.

Thank You and we will see you guys again."

"We have enjoyed the O-D experience, and plan to make this a yearly obligation until Joshua's too old to attend. I have to say, that I personally can see the difference in the kids in our group who attended camp, and those who have never been to O-D camp. Joshua was always a good player, but now he is a great player. Also his new abilities have made his game safer for him and his team mates because he now uses the proper techniques when he plays. As a parent I would like to see more kids attend O-D, if not for the betterment of their game, then for the added safety and reduced injuries that comes with using proper techniques on the field."

"I wanted to provide you some feedback relative to the experience my son had. The camp exceeded all of my expectations as they pertain to: the football content, the accommodations, and the experience. Simply stated, my son arrived the individual he was on Sunday, and returned a different person all in a positive way and not only as it pertains to his football. I am forever grateful and will sing the praise of your camp to all."

"Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you what a great football camp you had at Indy last week. Our thirteen year old has been doing an O-D camp every summer now for the last four years - usually the Kansas City camp at Warrensburg, Missouri - but the extra effort involved in sending him to Indianapolis was well worth it.

GREAT coaching staff - good venue - and a lot of attention to detail by Bo and the entire staff. Most detailed evaluation sheet we have ever received! An extra plus was having Dave Ritchie there. We have a summer house in Manitoba and have been Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans for years. It meant a lot to Cristen to be able to visit and spend time with Coach Ritchie at camp and they apparently really hit it off as Dave sent him some of his old Bomber' Coaches gear after he returned to Pennsylvania. We see that Coach Ritchie is helping with some of your other camps this summer and we hope he is available and that you will be able to bring him back next year (at least for Indy). He was really accessible and inspiring not only to Cristen but to the other campers as well! What a great guy!!! I hope you keep it going!!"

"O-D was a big part of our life early on. We learned about O-D in 2014 when my kiddos and husband were searching for camps. Steven's first year playing in 2013 he was benched because the coach told him he wasn't as good as the others. I would hear him sniffling under his helmet after every game. What that coach didn't know is that he lit a fuse. Ever since January 2014 he has been on a mission to better himself as a player and O-D is where it all started Summer 2014. When he returned that Fall no one recognized him as a player. He moved from the line to a linebacker and fullback. The rest is history with O-D leading the way each Summer. This is his 8th grade year - first time playing Middle School and it's refreshing to know he entered knowing proper technique. You have a wonderful/tough program and I have refered many of my friends across the US to your program with the caveat "this is a tough camp and only send your son if he loves football! ...you will know immediately if he doesn't love football". Take care and thanks for all you've done."

"I've been bringing my kids to O-D football for a long time. I started attending camp with my oldest son Najja Johnson. Najja is now 21 years of age and play division 1 football at University of Buffalo. He enjoyed his O-D experience every year. I now have a ten year old son, Taji Johnson. Taji started O-D experience at seven years old. Taji attended Rochester 2009, Charlotte 2010, Orlando 2011 and this year Raleigh camp. We live in Atlanta GA. but I allow him to pick the city he wants to attend every year. Our experience at Raleigh was tremendous. He really enjoyed the camp. We will be signing up for the roll over program looking forward to next year.

I want to acknowledge some outstanding employee I seen this year. First of all, there was a trainer there name Trisha. I noticed day one that she worked her "tail off". The temperature was in the high nineties and kids dehydrated very early in the camp. She treated every kid with a personal touch. Late in the evening of day two, Taji twisted a knee during the Oklahoma drill. She quickly assisted him, checked the knee and immediately iced the knee. Her tent was full of injured kids when Taji showed up. Still, she attended to his need very promptly. All week the trainer at this camp showed patience and knowledge. She did outstanding job.

Coach Ronnie Mason and Coach TC, youth 7 to 10 years olds also did a great job. Both coaches showed patience needed to work with young players. They were fair and gave each kids a chance to perform."

"My Son, Layne, attended the Pensacola camp and I wanted to extend a big thank you to all staff that made that camp a great success. The coaching was top notch, and Layne was pushed to a higher level of football that he has never received. The director, Dave, kept the camp moving and everyone knew what they needed to do and when."

"I had sent my son Nik to this camp at Radnor College camp outside of Philadelphia. He was 12 years old just turned 13 on the 4th of July and all I can say is what a difference in his personal attitude it made. He has changed for the better and he learned a lot! Aside from the home sickness this was a fantastic camp for him, the only wish is that the enrollment was larger so he could have had more of a chance to practice with more kids his age and size. He learned a lot from the older kids and said how helpful and patient that they were and that the coaches were very good.

I look forward to sending him again next year either to that camp or one in Hamilton NJ. Thanks for the chance to let me email you and let you know how impressed I was with the caliber of the coaches and the way they dealt with the kids! This was the very first time I have ever seen my son truly worn out physically and he enjoyed every minute of it! You guys run a class camp and I look forward to sending my son next year!"

"Hi! My son Ryan just attended the Hofstra LI camp - he is trying out for Freshman Football - and NEVER played football in his life. Needless to say - we were all a bit nervous about camp!

From my first phone call and speaking with Karen and others, to working with John and the young gentlemen who fitted us with his rented equipment, to the those at the camp store to each and every one of his coaches - including of course, Coach Brian Mabry - the experience was amazing! Each coach really took the time to make a personalized evaluation, and worked to make him the best he could be. They knew he was a first timer - but did not baby him.

That not only gave him skills - but also a sense of pride in his accomplishments. And those who worked the sidelines were always there to give him a pat on the back or tell him job well done. Camp was BIG - but the care and attention given made is feel very personal. Thanks OD- for giving my guy a summer experience i know he will always be proud of!

Whether Ryan makes the team - or even goes on to JV - I know he came out a better young man because of his experience. :)

Warmest regards,"