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Football Camp Testimonials

We receive so much positive feedback from our campers, parents, coaches, and alumni that we can't fit it all on one page! Below you'll find a few picked at random. Refresh the page to view more.

Football Camp Testimonials

"We just finished the PA camp at West Chester University. This was our 3rd consecutive year and also our best. Coach Culpepper was an incredible instructor and role model. He kept all of the players engaged, worked them hard and also took the time to correct. He did not just let a misfire or incorrect movement pass. He stopped, engaged the player and instructed on the correct procedure. In addition Coach Culpepper demonstrated these actions with all players and not just a select few. My son left the camp asking to attend any camp that Coach Culpepper was involved in.

The head coach was also a welcome refresher. Instead of schmoozing with the parents he took a valid interest in the players development and ensuring that the coaches were instructing correctly. He was quick to step in and demonstrate/instruct the other coaches same as the players. It was also good to see him take an interest in all of the groups, calling out praise and critic where needed. It was also nice to see him show reflection in his voice, this is football and a certain tone needs to be set. A definite A+ effort for enthusiasm, engagement and getting back to basics with conviction!

I also cannot leave out Milow for running a great camp. So many times his actions are overlooked because Milo is not on the field actively involved in coaching the children. Milo plays a bigger need by being the face of O-D and reaching out to the parents. Answering their questions and ensuring everything is ready and available so that the coaches can do just that, coach. Milo handles this responsibility incredibly and its great speaking to him every year. Its also nice that he remembers the faces of returning players/parents. That alone shows that he cares about the camp, kids and parents. Thank you Milo.

Overall a great performance and instruct by all, especially Head Coach, Coach Culpepper and Milow. I'm hoping these individuals will be permanent fixtures of the O-D camp experience, especially in PA. These individuals will merit recommending other players on my sons team to attend. Thanks and looking forward to next year!"

"Thanks for all your help at the O-D Bowl. Despite all of the chaos, you managed to maintain a positive attitude and bubbly personality (I think I would have lost my mind a few times lol). My son really loved it and can't wait to have the opportunity to return again. It was an experience he will definitely NEVER forget."

"To whom it may concern, as I stated on my phone call just now to you all, I just wanted to thank Milo and his Team for a great or awesome experience my boys have had at the Houston camp. The coaching and teaching of skills and life lessons was wonderful, the camp was tough but extremely rewarding.

I was impressed that Milo and all the coaches are approachable and extremely personable, I will definitely have my 2 boys in your camp next year."

"I have just returned from Atlanta, Georgia, where Offense-Defense held their full contact youth football camp at Oglethorpe University. I had the pleasure of hearing camp co-owner Rick Whittier speak to the parents of campers, and it's safe to say that O-D runs a very good football camp. The camp boasts a 10:1 ratio of campers to coaches, and there are plenty of camp counselors that oversee the dorms for overnight campers. The athletes are pushed to work hard on the field, listen, and improve upon the skill level at their position. There is a strong emphasis on fundamentals and getting the little things right, making good players great. Coaches also provide a detailed evaluation of each camper provided at the end of the week.
Player safety is obviously very important at each camp, which are hosted in cities nationwide, and Mr. Whittier cited that his camps rarely have any problems.

The coaches are legitimate NFL, college, and high school coaches who really know their stuff, and the staff is definitely there to teach football and help build character in the young campers. I would recommend the camp to any parent."

"Just a quick note to complement you on your selection of coaches. My son attended the Denver camp and was primarily coached by Nick Oppenneer for defensive backs and Binkey Benton for running backs. After the camp I researched both coaches and learned of their football careers. Both coaches a known for their work ethic which resulted in successful football careers. Just the kind of guys I want teaching my kid. Since attending Offense Defense Camps for the last three years, my son's football skill has improved greatly. Thanks again for selecting the high quality coaches you do."

"Just to let you know, we sent the 10 kids from our North Port Mustangs Pop Warner organization ranging from Mitey Mite level to Midget Level, Our Mustang Organization in the Peace River Conference is 25-0 with only 64 points that have been allowed. I know everybody in the organization did not attend, but guess who the standout players are this year. Miles Hayes, Tommy Joyce, Thomas Joyce, Zach Fryar, Cade Koerick, Mark Urtz, Devon Allen, Timmy Joyce who had an injury at the first of the season but is getting in the mix now. The players who came to the camp!"

"We look forward to Camp this summer, and can not Thank OD enough for the development of my son John through the many years of attending OD camp from the instruction and coaching.

My son John, will be a Senior in High School this fall and this will be his final year of camp at OD unfortunately, after 5years of attending camp this will be the 6th year in a row - and the one that will have the most meaning.

Maybe OD should single out - or do something special or recognize for those @ camp that will be making it there final year because they are seniors, and are not able to attend any more.

Because of OD, and the caliber of coaching he has received from OD, he has played at the Varsity High School level since he was a Sophomore - Last year @ OD camp had a goal and a mission in wanting receive the distinguished OD Camp Most Outstanding Player for Offensive & Defensive line, and at the end of the camp in 2007 - he was awarded just that ! ( Hopefully ) he can do it again !

The main reason for my communication is to let all of you @ OD know how grateful we are for the influence you have made in his performance as well as confidence. I also wanted to know if there was anything additional you offer, that he can attend in addition to the regular OD camp - that he can participate in to extend his knowledge and expierence.

Again this will be his final year, and we wanted to get the very most of everything, being this will be his Senior year - preparing him for college and any opportunities they may come along to continue playing Football at the college level - possably. For the most part preparing him for his Senior year is most important, as we will take one step at a time, and whatever comes from that , evaluate it at that time as it comes.

Again, Thank you again OD, it has been some outstanding years being part of a great organization, and have talked to everyone I know about the expierence and highly recommend your program.

We will never forget where we came from, and I know from the years past , there was never a year that my son did not ask me, If I had signed him yet ! As he looked forward to it every year - and he and I will miss it !

We look forward to seeing you at OD Tampa camp!"

"We love you guys and have loved your camp for 2 years now. Our kids had the best experiences there. Dr. Toomer taught my 8 yr old boy, Noah well. He has come into his own this year and developed a passion like never before. My older son Justus has become a more well-rounded player and a better kid because of what he has learned at O-D!

And Marty Fine is just the BEST!!! First Class!!

Both boys are playing in the Frisco Football League out here and doing well, but it has been a bit of a strain on us financially with both boys playing football out here in Texas. We just wanted to make sure they didn't miss an entire season. It's the main sport they love and we want to foster it no matter what it takes!! We enjoy watching them too!!!

Please know that we will always hold O-D close to our hearts! God Bless!"

"I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for all that you do. I have attended your football camps for 4 years. I have been fortunate enough to be selected as an All American during those years. I am a QB at home but each year I go to your camp and every year i try to learn a different position. I want to challenge myself and learn as much as I can. The first year I went by myself. The second year a few of my friends went. Last year 7 kids from my hometown came. Next year not only is my team coming but the president of my football league is asking Mr. Milow to come speak to my football program with hopes that the whole program is coming. I am so happy.

This year I was selected to the USA middle school team. I am telling you in this letter because I want to tell you what it means to me. I met Mr. Milow this year and he inspired me to be the best I could be. He checks to see how my grades are and he spoke with my league president to make sure I gave my best and was a good teammate. I scored 30 touchdowns this year. The first thing he asked me was how I did it. I told him because I have great teammates. I was talking about how my offensive line worked hard and how my wide receivers were so good. He stopped me and said told me I learned the most important thing in the game. He said sportsmanship, team work, and determination to be the best. He then said congratulations and told me I was selected to the USA team. My biggest award is being part of the O-D family that's helps be grow to be a great person!

I can not wait to be in Texas with all my friends. O-D is the best football camp in the world. O-D #1!!!"

"I wanted to thank the staff of OD for another wonderful football camp. Our son, Jonathan, was clearly prepared for Pop Warner from this camp. This was so much so that we influenced two other boys' parents to come this year.

The highlight for my son was Coach Williams. He is a wonderful coach and is so passionate about these boys developing their talent. What a blessing to have him!

We are planning on coming back next year to have Coach Williams teach our son better techniques and will influence as many parents in following suit.

Thank you for all you do and please give our special thanks to Coach Williams."

"Thanks for the great experience for my son. He is only seven and will be starting pop warner tomorrow. I am anxious to see how this has helped to prepare him for his first full contact season.

We already signed for next summer in san antonio."

"I wanted to follow up with to update you on Warren's progress this season. I contribute much of his success to the skills he acquired at the OD Select and Elite camps that he attended during the summer. Warren's school, Charles Herbert Flowers has had a successful 2009 season. They closed out the regular season with a 9-1 record and are the Prince Georges County 4A South champions. This Saturday, Nov 14, they face the one team that beat them during the regular season in the 1st round of the Regional's.

I invite you to view Warren's scouting report to see if he is the caliber of player that you are seeking for the OD Bowl game. The link below contains all of his information and some game footage.

Click the following link to view the NCSA Scouting Report link: http://tinyurl.com/ylqukdt"

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inviting our son, Micheal to the Elite camp in Ft. Lauderdale Fl last summer. When Micheal attended Select camp and received his invitation to Elite this past summer. The amount of preparation elite camp provided gave him the confidence he needed to be a strong leader on the field this year in spite of his age and take control of his destiny. When he returned from camp and started practice with the team, he immediately put to good use everything he learned and earned himself a starting spot on the varsity team as the mike linebacker, displacing two seniors from the position. I think the hi-light of the season was when Micheal slipped between two HS lineman to hit their QB, break his rib protector and take him out for a series....

Why? Footwork, speed and technique. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Elite Coaches!! Every picture taken of Micheal this year shows him wrapping up, using good angles and working like he should to make the hit. Now that the season has ended, we're proud to share that Micheal tied for 5th in tackles in 7-5A division. He was named to the All District team as a Honorable mention player and he was awarded Varsity Sophomore Defensive Player of the Year at his team's awards banquet last weekend.

Micheal has attended OD since he was 11 or 12 years old, winning camp awards and we firmly believe that the instruction he receives year-in and year-out is invaluable to his success. Because he practices and learns with the toughest players, he knows when he walks on the field, he has the skills he needs to overcome whatever obstacles come his way. It's a mental thing. He just knows that he's already seen the best he's going to see every year, so he has no fear and that makes him a very effective linebacker. It is Micheal's fervent wish that he return to Elite camp again this year. He enjoyed the experience, and understands that hard work nets results...

Thank you so much for these many years of success. We wish you all the best."

"Thanks you so much for helping me with my situation. It is very refreshing to deal with a person who truly understand the meaning of customer services. Keith is very excited about starting camp. Thanks so must and may the lord truly bless you."

"Hello! Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much my two sons enjoyed O-D camp this year. This was my 13 yr old's 5th year at O-D, and was my 11 year old's 3rd year at O-D. All of the coaches did an amazing job as usual. Coach Kirksey ran a very organized camp. Coach Newton did a fabulous job with my 13 yr old as a lineman coach. My wife and I both have gone out and stayed at the camp everyday for the last 5 years and have enjoyed every minute of what we have seen.

Please pass to the coaches our appreciation for the time that each one of them has put in, not only for our children, but for all of the kids in attendance."

"W.O.W! (What outstanding work!) I would like to personally thank you for a job well done. Our boys had the privilege of being a part of your football camp at Cowboys stadium. And we will be back next year.

This is Emilio's third year and Patrick's second year (with a year in between break). I can honestly tell you this year has been the best experience we ever had with the camp. It was extremely organized and the communications throughout the camp was top notch.

What impressed me the most were the coaches! The quality of coaching was expected based on the outstanding resumes of each coach. What made this camp first class was the passion and love each coach poured into the Athletes! As a spectator I noticed it was like a party on the field. Everyone one dancing and giving high fives for jobs well done. And personal encouragement when the game play did not go according to plan. Each coach was uplifting and became valued mentors to the athletes. My youngest son now has renewed love for the game - thank you.

Coach "Happy" Bryan and of course Milow really played an important role to our athletes as well as the parents. They were very visible and approachable. During the awards ceremony it was obvious have much the athletes appreciated and respected them as they would chant their names. It was a joy to hear their love for these men!

Bill Bates has always been a role model athlete of mine! After getting to know him better during camp I understand why. He is truly amazing! My sons did not know who he was. However the stories he told them left an impression that will be with them for a lifetime. My sons embraced all the things Coach Bates was saying to the point where they can recite the stories back to us. They were inspired by him to do the right thing. You could not have had a better head coach out there. It will be hard to beat next year.

Kudos to all those involved - it is a lot of hard work but it all worth it in the end."

"I am writing this email to say thank you for the leadership and coaching that you provided at the Offense Defense Football Camp at Hampton University. This was Christopher's second year attending OD and as a parent I am very impressed with the program. I wanted to take the time to commend you for not only providing guidance and coaching on football field, you provided guidance to young boys on how to take what they learn and apply on the field to their everyday lives. It is about being focus, discipline, determination, team work, listening skills and at times leadership. During the Awards Ceremony, I was very impressed and touched by how the guest speakers and coaches stressed to the players to apply the same level of energy that they provide in this sport into being a better person.

I can only speak about my child, but it only reinforces what I am teaching Christopher. It not about the wins or losses, nor the ability to go to Dallas to play at the All American Bowl, it is about not only focusing on football, but taking the principles of the game and applying them to your life that will ultimately make them a better player, a better son, a better student, a better friend and one day a better man.

So thank you and the coaches for taking time out of your summer to provide such an AWESOME camp. Christopher is looking forward to Camp 2013 and so are we. Many Blessing to you and yours"

"Thought you would like to know the following: Daniel Goodman signed a letter of intent to play football with Division 2 Emporia State University in late January,2010. He is designated to red-shirt his freshman year(Fall,2010). He attended O-D camp every summer for 7 years beginning in Kansas City for 2 years, 2 years at Central Missouri, and 3 years in Nashville. He also was a Select camp invitee summer, 2009. His fundamental techniques and skills were developed by O_D camps, and only his height kept him from Division 1.

Thanks from us both for what he was taught.

P.S. Daniel has indicated he would love to assist at a KC or Nashville camp if you were ever interested."

"We had a great experience at the Offense-Defense Football Camp in Los Angeles, CA this week with me as a counselor and my son a camper. We signed up to return again next year before the camp ended and will be back every year to gain the knowledge shared. There were outstanding coaches and players there and we both grew as coach and player. The coaching staff was absolutely amazing and included NFL Super Bowl Champion Amani Toomer's father Donald Toomer. Stephen earned MVP at the linebacker position and will be playing in the Offense-Defense All American Game in Orlando, Florida after our Pop Warner season."

"Hunter's experience at the O-D Camp in Memphis was excellent. The individual attention to each player, the vast amount of knowledge and great teaching techniques from the camp and the position-specific coaches was nothing short of remarkable. We are very pleased with the camp, the experience itself, and the knowledge and techniques he has taken from the camp. Milow and his team of coaches did an excellent job. We would highly recommend the O-D camp to anyone. If this weren't Hunter's last season in high school, we would absolutely sign up again."

"You should see your Indy location numbers jump significantly with this change.Our organization, Dad's Club, typically sends 8-10 kids each year. I believe that number will at least double. I have been getting a lot of inquiries already about available camps and I have been holding off 'advertising' until I got the final word from you on location. This is very good news, Sal. My sons will likely be attending the Indy camp AND one of the surrounding locations (Cincy, Chi, Nashville, St. Louis) depending on the dates.I appreciate your quick response."

"Zane Harber went to your Select Camp this summer to learn more about a new position that his coach was wanting him to play (Middle LineBacker). He was selected to go to the Elite camp but he could not attend due to 2 a days for football for High School.

This year he is playing Starting Inside/Middle Linebacker. He averages between 10 to 12 tackles per game and has caused 2 fumbles. He has made approximately 10 SAC's and recovered 1 fumble for the season . For someone that usually played Quarterback, he is doing great. The Crosby Cougars are now in the playoffs. The team went undefeated to win the District Championship and has won the bi-District Championship this past weekend. They will be playing in Spring against Montgomery this Saturday."

"My husband and I would like to thank you and the OD organization. Our son John who attended the July 6th camp at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh enjoyed the camp. This was his first camp ever. He has been playing football since he was about 9 years old. His self-esteem sky rocketed after the camp. Before this camp he had very low self-esteem. He did not work to his full potential. He is currently in high school football practices and he remembers so much from the camp and is using those techniques. The high school coaches and parents have noticed a big change in him, of course for the better. He practices well above 110%.

All of this is all thanks to you, the coaches at the Pittsburgh Camp and the OD organization!!!!

He already signed up for next year's camp and is looking forward the OD Select Camp, which he was one of the players selected. His younger brother, age 14, who also plays football regrets not going to the Pittsburgh camp. He is looking forward to signing up in 2008 and is encouraging his friends and teammates of the 9th grade football team to consider signing up."

"My Son, Layne, attended the Pensacola camp and I wanted to extend a big thank you to all staff that made that camp a great success. The coaching was top notch, and Layne was pushed to a higher level of football that he has never received. The director, Dave, kept the camp moving and everyone knew what they needed to do and when."

"I just wanted to thank all of the coaches and staff for putting on a fantastic camp in Chicago (North Central College - Naperville, IL) on June 22-26. My son, Erik, learned so much. The coaches were excellent, well organized, prepared, and informative. Our son who is only 10 was never bored and there was no down time or time fillers: a.k.a. Sharks and Minnows. The coaches spent a lot of time instructing my son on the fine art of football. Everything from his stance, arm positions, blocking techniques, and footwork. Living in the Chicagoland area we are able to pick from three major football camps (Chicago Bears Camp, US Sports Camp - Contact Football, and O-D Camp.) We tried the other two camps first because I was not aware of O-D Camp. Your camp blows the other two out the door. In the future I will always enroll Erik in O-D Camp. By far the best Football camp in the Chicagoland area. Thanks again for putting on such an excellent camp."

"Your Program is the bomb...we loved it. My son Tyler is now the starting QB in the select league. He beat out 9 other kids, 3 of which were much bigger. I look forward to next time."

"We just got your e-mail recently...And thought it a good thing to tell you that our son Sean had attended two O_D camps during his teen years. Detroit at 12,and Indianapolis at 14. He got incredible guidance, and the best coaching hands on. The fact that O-D camps were the only one's that offered contact was a big plus for us as he really got allot out them both.

Sean was an all-state pick his senior year, and also selected as one of the Michigan Touchdown club's "GREAT EIGHT AWARD WINNERS"
He committed to the University of Cincinnati in May of his Junior year. he had offers to play in the Big Ten, Big East, as well as the MAC. O-D camps definitely made a difference, and it was the suggestions of several O-D coaches that persuaded him to consider playing on into his college years...For us O-D wasn't only a solid investment into our son's future; It was a great experience for him!"

"I've been bringing my kids to O-D football for a long time. I started attending camp with my oldest son Najja Johnson. Najja is now 21 years of age and play division 1 football at University of Buffalo. He enjoyed his O-D experience every year. I now have a ten year old son, Taji Johnson. Taji started O-D experience at seven years old. Taji attended Rochester 2009, Charlotte 2010, Orlando 2011 and this year Raleigh camp. We live in Atlanta GA. but I allow him to pick the city he wants to attend every year. Our experience at Raleigh was tremendous. He really enjoyed the camp. We will be signing up for the roll over program looking forward to next year.

I want to acknowledge some outstanding employee I seen this year. First of all, there was a trainer there name Trisha. I noticed day one that she worked her "tail off". The temperature was in the high nineties and kids dehydrated very early in the camp. She treated every kid with a personal touch. Late in the evening of day two, Taji twisted a knee during the Oklahoma drill. She quickly assisted him, checked the knee and immediately iced the knee. Her tent was full of injured kids when Taji showed up. Still, she attended to his need very promptly. All week the trainer at this camp showed patience and knowledge. She did outstanding job.

Coach Ronnie Mason and Coach TC, youth 7 to 10 years olds also did a great job. Both coaches showed patience needed to work with young players. They were fair and gave each kids a chance to perform."

"Just a note to say thank you for making us aware of the rule changes regarding campers that reside in states that have issues with full contact camps. We were one of those parents with concerns about our son's eligibility. We live in Ohio and were told that we shouldn't send our son to o-d this year now that he is a middle schooler. His football coach was afraid that if we did and it was reported, that he would become ineligible for the fall season.

Nick was thrilled with camp last year and was disappointed when he heard of this rule. Even before we received your e-mail we decided to go ahead with our plans reguardless, due to the quality of your camp and the great experience our son had during last years camp. When we got your e-mail that explained these changes and laid everything out, we were able to breath a little easier. Thanks again for the information and for the wonderful camps you offer kids who love this sport. We'll see you in June!"

"I was a father counselor at the Pittsburgh camp last year. Remember me? Anyhow, Brandon enjoyed himself so much that we are already signed up for next year. We are going to attend the Baltimore camp . . . it's only 2-1/2 hours from our house as opposed to 4-1/2 hours to Pittsburgh. I am going to sign up again to be a father counselor. I've already talked to several other fathers from our home town about their sons . . .

Thanks again for the great experience I was able to have with my son at camp."