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Youth Football Camps

Youth athletes at our camps practice the game the way it's played on the field - with full and modified contact drills. Our curriculum provides youth campers a better instructional experience via "learning by doing". Our coaches ensure that as contact is introduced your camper will be fully equipped to deliver tackles and hits - as well as receive them - in a safe teaching environment.

Youth Football Camps

Fundemental Drills and Training

Our Youth Ranking and Evaluation System gives players and parents the ability to quickly recognize an athlete's strengths and encouraging improvements while helping them take the next step in their development.

Youth Football Players

Top-level coaching personnel perform all instruction and evaluation, with outstanding performance being rewarded with an invitation to play in the annual Offense-Defense All-American Bowl, lifting any youth football player's exposure and recognition to the next level.

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Position-Specific Instruction

O-D Bowl Alumni Bobby Massie
Bobby Massie
Chicago Bears
2008 O-D Alum

Offensive Line - Fundamentals and Techniques of Pass Protection and Run Blocking

The unsung heroes without which no first downs are made nor touchdowns scored. Opens holes and keeps quarterbacks clean.

O-D Bowl Alumni Ameer Abdullah
Ameer Abdullah
Minnesota Vikings
2011 O-D Alum

Running Backs - Recognition of Running Lanes, Blocking, Pass Receiving Drills, and Ball Carrying

Picks up the tough yards on the ground, challenging linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs alike as they break for daylight with a nose for the endzone.

O-D Bowl Alumni Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant
New Orleans Saints
2007 O-D Alum

Wide Receivers - Route Running, Pass Catching, Down Field Blocking Skills, and Footwork Off Release

The Ferraris of the field. These burners run routes short and deep for the Quarterback to find for big gains through the air.

O-D Bowl Alumni Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Carolina Panthers
2007 O-D Alum

Quarterbacks - Passing Mechanics, 3-5-7 Step Drops, Sprint Out, Boot and Pass Progression

The position that needs no introduction. The entire offense flows through here, where handoffs get made and touchdown passes are thrown.

O-D Bowl Alumni Ray Hamilton
Ray Hamilton
Pittsburgh Steelers
2011 O-D Alum

Tight Ends - Run and Pass Blocking, Pass Catching, and Route Running

Masters of all on offense, these hybrids share duties of both offensive linemen and wide receivers - blocking on running and passing plays some downs and getting open for passes on others.

O-D Bowl Alumni Earl Thomas
Earl Thomas
Seattle Seahawks
2007 O-D Alum

Defensive Backs - Zone and Man Techniques, Press and Bail Coverage Techniques, Tackling, and Ball Skills

The last line of defense, DBs often find themselves tasked with hindering and covering explosive wide receivers and intercepting passes when possible. Plays that make it to the secondary will also find Defensive Backs throwing their weight into timely tackles.

O-D Bowl Alumni McClain
Rolando McClain
Dallas Cowboys
2007 O-D Alum

Linebackers - Keys, Reads, Pursuit and Fundamentals of Tackling, and Block Shedding

Often the generals of the defense, linebackers are positioned in the middle of the defensive formation and can find themselves blitzing, bringing down runners, and covering receivers.

O-D Bowl Alumni Carlos Dunlap
Carlos Dunlap
Cincinnati Bengals
2007 O-D Alum

Defensive Line - Get Offs, Line Slants, Rush Techniques, Pursuit and Fundamentals of Tackling, and Block Shedding

The literal first line of defense. These rock-solid athletes engage the offensive line while also looming as a threat to bring down the running backs and quarterback for a loss.