Dallas Football Camp

The Hockaday School - June 29 to July 2

11600 Welch School, Dallas, TX 75229 - Facility Website

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Hockaday has occupied its campus in a residential area of northwest Dallas since 1961. Hockaday's athletic fields are located east of Penson Athletic Center. They include five playing fields, a softball diamond and an all-weather six-lane track. The tennis center includes a covered gallery and 10 tennis courts, some of which are lit.

Sunday Check-in: Field 1


Age Pos Last First City State
7 QB Kinchen Mason Spring TX
8 RB mann tyler hammond IN
9 LB Paul Ashton Tulsa OK
9 DE Stephen Bryan Midland TX
10 QB Nicaud Emmet Frisco TX
10 RB Turner Devin Little elm TX
10 WR Chece Noah McKinney TX
10 DB Carter Jaeden Little Elm TX
10 DL Cassidy Ryan Little Elm TX
11 OL Morris Lance Little rock AR
11 DL Irving Andrew Nrh TX
11 LB James Kyle Chicago IL
11 TE Kinchen Matthew Spring TX
12 RB Pittman Jailynn CISCO TX
12 QB Turley Parker Fort Worth TX
12 DE Tabor Jaidan Sauk Village IL
12 WR Prince Caulin Allen TX
13 LB Paul Ethan Tulsa OK
13 DE De La O Andres Odessa TX
13 QB Henry Sloan Keller TX
13 OL Rodriguez Austin Spring Branch TX
14 RB Fleeks Joshua Duncanville TX
14 WR dillard, jr. PHILLIP Lewisville TX
16 DB Moyer Kris Sachse TX
16 DE Fleming III Grady Meadville MS
17 OL Harper Deangelo Euless TX
17 LB Dickerson Richard huntington TX
18 DL Zubiate Leonardo Williston ND
22 TE Schane Austen Yukon OK
Dallas Football Camp


Name Level Organization
Leonard HumphriesNFLColts
Barry FosterNFLSteelers
Chandler JonesNFLPatriots
Donte HightowerNFLPatriots
Curtis JacksonNFLPatriots / Chiefs
Nate HemsleyNFLCowboys
Marcellus RiversNFLPatriots / Raiders
Byron LusbyNFLColts
Kirk DollNFLBroncos
Anthony MalbroughNFLBrowns
Mario PriceCollegeTexas A&M
Justin ValentineCollegeTexas A&M
David CallowayCollegeTexas A&M
Gregory TrentCollegeStillman College
Marcus OwensCollegeStephen F Austin State University
Harry WilliamsCollegePrarie View A&M
Dwayne CurryCollegeSavannah State
Dyzell WilsonCollegeMcPherson
Kevin GriffinCollegeTexas College
Devin PhillipsCollegeTexas Baptist
George CumbyCollegeTexas College
Kyle GurssCollegeWyoming
Todd StrattonCollegeWhittier
Seth WomackCollegeWestminster College
Ben SchonfarberCollegeTrinity Valley
Alexander CookCollegeTrinity Valley
Will ReedCollegeTrinity Valley
Spencer ConleyCollegeTexas College
Randy ButlerCollegeTexas College
Philip PrattCollegeTexas College
Nevin FarrellCollegeTexas College
Jullian KegginsCollegeTexas College
Tim SmithCollegePrarie View A&M
Miles BrandonCollegePrarie View A&M
Alonzo MayesCollegeLangston
Kevin StarrCollegeLangston
Ojabanishe (OJ) AbanisheCollegeLincoln University
Sammy HendersonCollegeHardin Simmons
Derrick JacksonCollegeGeorgia State
Colby JacksonCollegeE. Texas Baptist
Ike EquaeCollegeCoffeyville
Michael ErvinCollegeAvila University
Joe ParkhurstCollegeAvila University
Scott DunavantCollegeArkansas St
Greg JohnsonCollegeLangston
Mike PizinskiCollegeLangston
Glen ReeseCollegeLincoln
Edward MooreCollegePrarie View A&M
Vallice FordCollegePrarie View A&M
Jermaine TrentCollegeConcordia
Alex CookCollegeOuachita Baptist University
Jesse ThompsonCollegeOklahoma Pan
Cedric ShellCollegeMcPherson
Douglas DennieCollegeLon Morris
Eric MorrisCollegeLon Morris
Mark GibsonCollegeLon Morris
Josh ColvertCollegeLon Morris
Christopher ParkerCollegeAlma

O-D Football Camps are the ONE WAY to get to the All-American Bowl

Daily Camp Schedule

Day #1

7:00-8:45amRegistration & Check-in
9:00-9:30amOpening Ceremony Parent Orientation
9:30-11:45amSession I - Match-up Evaluation Clinic
2:00-4:30pmSession 2
6:30-8:30pmSession 3

Day #2

6:45amWake-up *
7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call *
7:30-8:30amBreakfast *
9:00-11:30amSession 4
2:00-4:30pmSession 5
6:30-8:30pmSession 6

Day #3

6:45amWake-up *
7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call *
7:30-8:30amBreakfast *
9:00-11:30amSession 7
2:00-4:30pmSession 8
6:30-8:30pmSession 9

Day #4

6:45amWake-up *
7:00-7:20amMorning Stretch & Roll Call *
7:30-8:30amBreakfast *
9:00-11:30amSession 10
1:30-2:15pmClosing Ceremony
2:15-2:45pmSession 11
2:45-5:45pmSuperbowl Games
5:45pmCamp Ends
* For SLEEPOVER campers only. If your camp does not have a sleepover option - please disregard.

Pricing & Payment Plan

With the Offense-Defense Camp Payment Plan, registrants' remaining balances are divided up into equal monthly payments leading up to your camp date. Payments are automatically made from a credit card account provided to Offense-Defense by the customer and take place on or around the 15th of every month or at the end of the month, depending upon the customer's preference. The final payment due will be automatically processed on May 15th of the current camp year.

Camp Types


Multiple discounts cannot be applied.

All payments are non-refundable within 30 days of the starting date of your camp unless you have purchased Cancellation Protection. (The first $175 paid towards any camp is non-refundable at all times)

Please be aware that all dates, locations, and personnel are subject to change. Offense-Defense Sports is in no way affiliated with the facilities which host our camps.