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About our Football Camps

We've been running football camps, combines, clinics, tournaments, 7-on-7s, bowl games, and everything in between for the last 5 decades - see below for a compiled list of our most frequently asked questions!

About Offense-Defense Football Camps

Frequently Asked Questions

Our critically-acclaimed football university and academy guarantees improvement in athletes from the youngest youth players all the way up to national underclassmen and seniors in high school.

Why should I Attend Offense-Defense Football Camps?
Offense-Defense Football Camp is the premier full-contact camp in the country. Nowhere else can you be coached by NFL & top college coaches! For almost 50 years Offense-Defense has been committed to providing superior football instruction in a safe and productive environment. O-D focuses on the fundamentals and not just the plays or conditioning of athletes. We use a program that allows for each athlete to compete to their absolute athletic potential while providing a safe environment to insure maximum progress and safety.
Simply put, Offense-Defense provides the best bang for your buck when it comes to improving a young football player's abilities on and off the field. Full-contact football with an unparalleled safety record provides youth players with the best environment to grow and excel.
Once that sound foundation is built and athletes progress into their high school careers, our curriculum shifts to a modified-contact format in compliance with all states' high school athletic association rules and focuses on better preparing athletes to perform well in combines and recruiting measurables while increasing their visibility to collegiate programs looking for talent.
At all levels throughout this process, we encourage and recognize success through our All-American program, garnering publicity for the athletes at our events and instilling in them a sense of pride by rewarding them with an invitation to play the sport they love the most in a world-renowned facility like Cowboys Stadium, Reliant Stadium, Orange Bowl Stadium, and Citrus Bowl Stadium among others.
No training program sends more athletes on to starring roles in the college ranks and the pros. It's easy to see why we're #1.
How long has Offense-Defense been around?
Offense-Defense has hosted and run full-contact football camps for nearly 50 years.
Who will be coaching the campers?
NFL Coaches and Players as well as top college coaches will coach your kids. Your camper has the opportunity to be coached by some of the greatest minds in football.
How old must you be to attend the camp?
Campers must be between the ages of 7 and 18.
What is the O-D philosophy?
O-D's philosophy is known as the 4 C's of Football: Coaching, Curriculum, Contact, and Commitment. Our staff consists of some of the best and most knowledgeable college and NFL coaches. The right program taught by the best coaches equals success. The Offense-Defense football program is that very program. Our coaches teach individual techniques that develop a foundation which will benefit each player. Offense-Defense teaches real football the right way: step-by-step instruction followed by progressive contact gives you the opportunity to practice what you have been taught.
Offense-Defense has made a commitment to providing campers with the best youth football program possible. We attribute our success to a strong dedication to our athletes and the sport of football itself. We believe that in addition to superior instruction, many life skills are needed to find a winning formula. Offense-Defense provides an environment that fosters such skills as teamwork, discipline, responsibility, respect, family values and, of course, hard work. Once you commit to our prestigious football camp you become a part of an everlasting tradition.
How will the campers be matched up?
Campers will be placed in a group with others their own age, size, experience and personality (aggressiveness). Our resident NFL and college coaches will lead the campers through instruction of basic techniques and fundamental skills during progressive contact sessions. As the week advances, controlled contact and age-specific scrimmages are introduced, culminating in a full-contact "Super Bowl" at the end of the camp.
Does Offense-Defense teach strictly football?
We believe Jevon Kearse put it best when he stated, "Offense-Defense provides you not only with exceptional football instruction but also with the skills that are necessary to succeed in life." Our camp fosters confidence both on and off the field within each child.
What NFL Players have been a part of Offense-Defense Camps?
Cam Newton, Earl Thomas, Joe Haden, Rosevelt Colvin, Jevon Kearse, Ray Lewis, Zach Thomas, Willis McGahee, Keith Brooking, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith, Fred Taylor, Priest Holmes, and many more past, present, and future NFL Stars!
As a parent or guardian, can I come and watch the practices during camp?
Yes, we actually encourage parents/guardians to watch the practices during the week, especially for the Super Bowl on the last day of camp where a culmination of the week's work comes together for a fun time for campers, coaches, and parents. Everyone who comes to watch during the week must check in at our security tent to get an O-D field pass.
What Is The Advantage To Being An Extended-Day Camper Rather Than Just A Day Camper?
A Day Camper is only at camp from 8:30am to 5:00pm daily and lunch is included in the fee. Extended-Day Campers are at camp from 8:30am to 8:30pm. Not only are both lunch and dinner included in the fee, but Extended-Day Campers don't miss out on the evening scrimmage time.
Will Roommate Requests Be Honored?
Sleepover campers will be roomed according to ages and weight at each camp. On average there are two campers per room. All roommate requests will be considered upon enrollment and must be made one month prior to the beginning of camp.
How Long Are the Children Supervised For?
Offense-Defense Football Camps recognizes the importance of your child's safety. Your football player will be supervised 24 hours each day. On the field, athletes are under the constant eye of coaches that have passed vigorous background checks and character references. When kids are not on the field, father counselors and Offense-Defense staff members subjected to the same pre-hire scrutiny are in charge of supervision. In addition to our staff, many of the campuses where we hold our camps have campus police and security staff. Our off-field counselors are teachers, youth coaches, hand-chosen college students, past campers, and fellow parents. The counselors room just a few doors away from the group they are supervising. Day Campers and Extended-Day Campers report to the day camper counselor each morning and check out with him or her when they leave with a parent or guardian at the end of each day.
Are Offense-Defense Football Camps Geared Toward One Position?
NO! Offense-Defense prides itself on offering the most in-depth instruction in all positions. You, the camper, decide what position you would like to learn and Offense-Defense's hand-selected coaching staff will take over from there.
I Have Never Played Football Before. Is This A Camp For Football Veterans Only?
Absolutely Not! Offense-Defense works with campers of all age and skill levels. We work with children ages 7-18 regardless of previous football knowledge. We have a very skilled and knowledgeable staff where each member on the coaching staff is hand-selected to cater to the needs of our campers. First-time campers will leave with better knowledge and take the grassroots skills of football home with them. Football veterans will appreciate our challenging curriculum and the one-on-one drills that will take place with the pros. No matter the situation, our camps guarantee improvement.
How many camps and clinics does Offense-Defense Camps offer?
Offense-Defense will offer over 40 football camps across the country. Our camps include residential (overnight) as well as day, and extended-day camps. To learn about all of our locations, click on the "Locations" link and then the region or specific camp you are looking are interested in.
Do I need to bring a medical form to camp?
Yes, all campers are required to bring a medical form to camp. We cannot allow campers to participate unless they have turned these in. Download the medical form (.pdf format).
Where can I find Jersey, Helmet, and Shoulder pad sizing charts?
Please use the Riddell Fitting Guides when selecting your size.
How can we get an Offense-Defense Football Camp in our community?
We are always looking for new locations where our top-notch staff can work with motivated young athletes. If your local team or league is interested in bringing an Offense-Defense Football Camp to your community, please contact us at info@o-d.com.
Do I Need To Rent Equipment From Offense-Defense?
No, Offense-Defense only rents equipment to those who do not have their own or cannot procure equipment from their team or league. Whether you are renting from Offense-Defense or bringing your own you must provide your own chin strap, mouth guard, girdle, athletic support and cup. All of these items are available at our online store.
Can I bring my cell phone, iPod, Game Boy, etc to camp with me?
Offense-Defense prefers athletes not bring cell phones, iPods, portable gaming devices, etc. There is minimal downtime at camp and neither the Offense-Defense Staff nor the College campuses will be responsible for lost or stolen items. Those campers still wishing to bring these items do so at their own risk.
Is There A Camp Store?
Yes! Offense-Defense Camps offers a fully-stocked camp store carrying T-shirts, Shorts, Loosewear, Tightwear, Hats, Accessories, and Protective Equipment. The camp store also offers snacks and beverages on a daily basis as well as the opportunity to purchase pizzas at night. You can also order authentic O-D apparel and accessories before camp online.
How does the O-D card work?
The O-D card works like a debit card in the form of a wristband. Campers can have their wristband scanned at the O-D Store in order to purchase snacks, equipment, photos and other merchandise, without carrying cash to practice or to the dormitory. The O-D Card is an optional purchase.
How do Cancellations and Cancellation Protection Work?
For all cancellations: Regardless of the circumstance, Offense-Defense will withhold $175 (non-refundable deposit). Cancellation Protection is recommended and must be purchased within 24 hours of deposit. Cancellation notification must be in writing via the USPS, email (cancel@o-d.com) or fax (843-903-2749).
Without Cancellation Protection: Cancellations received prior to May 1st will receive a refund of what is paid less $175. After May 1st no refund, transfer, or rollover.
With Cancellation Protection: You may cancel up to 7 days prior to your camp starting and receive a refund or rollover less $175. If you are within the 7 days before your camp starts, you are able to receive 1/2 of what is paid less $175 for the next year's camp only. Should your camper be unable to attend the full camp due to illness or injury, you will receive 1/4 of what is paid less $175 for the next year's camp.
For all camps where the total registration fee is $175 or less there is no refund.

Multiple discounts cannot be applied.

All payments are non-refundable within 30 days of the starting date of your camp unless you have purchased Cancellation Protection. (The first $175 paid towards any camp is non-refundable at all times)

Please be aware that all dates, locations, and personnel are subject to change. Offense-Defense Sports is in no way affiliated with the facilities which host our camps.